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Spring into Action

Dear Residents,

The winter is finally over although the last time I said that we received over 100 inches of snow! It’s now time to spring into action and start cleaning up our city.

We have begun our street sweeping efforts with sweepers out sometimes seven days a week. We will also be implementing what is called “Neighborhood Clean Sweeps” in conjunction with the City Council. In the meantime, we can all pitch in by scooping up any loose debris as you make your way around the city. All it takes is a plastic bag, gloves, and a passion for your community. I try to do it as much as I can while walking to and from work and I can feel the positive effect it’s having not just on cleaning up our city but in the message it conveys. Although now I’m somewhat known around town not as the Mayor -- but as the guy who picks up trash in a suit!

For residents who spend most of their time driving, you can help do your part by pulling over when you notice an area that needs attention. Just don’t let your trunk get too full as I recently let my parents borrow my car forgetting that my trunk was full of trash. When they went to put groceries in the trunk, you can imagine the call I received shortly thereafter!

I am proud to mention that our teens are proving what it means to care and help out where possible as last week they joined me in removing litter from Malden Square in honor of ONE BOSTON DAY. Also, Bike to the Sea has been busy organizing clean-up crews for the bike path and our Department of Public Works has been doing great work getting our city in top shape. I am certain that together, our efforts will go a long way toward making our city a place that we can continue to be proud to call home. Thank you.



Mayor, City of Malden