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Recent Upgrades at Malden Public Library

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Mayor Gary Christenson was on hand with Malden Public Library Director Dora St. Martin to thank members of the Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation for funding support of two of the Library’s most recent renovations: a new wheelchair lift providing accessible access to the Converse Memorial Building; and a complete interior upgrade to the Library’s first floor public restrooms. The two projects were completed throughout the spring of 2018, with design and construction services provided by United Elevator, Spencer & Vogt Group, Inc. and Murray Brothers Construction.  The wheelchair lift replaced an older model installed in 1994 through a donation of former Trustee President Florence Burns and provides access for wheelchair use and disabled individuals to the Converse Memorial Building and art galleries. The restroom renovation included a new ceiling, tile floors, stall partitions, fixtures, countertops, lighting, and new paint.   

Celebrating the completion of the wheelchair lift (back row, from left) Library Trustee Frank Molis and Bayrd Foundation Trustee Susan Mansur. (Front row from left) Library Trustee Greg Lucey, Bayrd Foundation Vice President Laura Hodgin, Bayrd Foundation President Henry Kezer, Mayor Gary Christenson, Library Trustee John Tramondozzi and Library Director Dora St. Martin

Library Trustees presented members of the Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation with an engraved plate by late Malden Artist Sam Cherone to thank them for their continued support. (From left) Bayrd Foundation Trustee Susan Mansur, Library Director Dora St. Martin, Mayor Gary Christenson, Bayrd Foundation President Henry Kezer, and Library Trustees John Tramondozzi, Greg Lucey and Frank Molis

Released by the Office of Mayor Gary Christenson

Photos by City of Malden