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Police Station Move Unlocks Square Revitalization

Dear Residents:

In the words of Thomas Edison, “There is no substitute for hard work.” This quote seems tailor-made for the City Hall Redevelopment project. For over 20 years, city leaders have been trying to figure out just what to do with the City Hall structure and the Police Station. Finally, thanks to some hard work we are finally moving toward the longstanding goal of redeveloping the site and reopening Pleasant Street.

Proof of that came on July 16th with the demolition of the buildings on Eastern Avenue across from Planet Fitness making way for a new 24,000 square foot Police Station. An official groundbreaking is scheduled for next week and it is expected that the Police Department will move in and around the fall of 2016.

This exemplifies a major step in fulfilling our vision of making the City Hall site the cornerstone of our downtown. There were many times throughout this process when it seemed that the end-goal of making this a reality would not happen but again, thanks to the efforts and hard work of the City Council, the redeveloper Jefferson Apartment Group (JAG), our state partners, and some dedicated City staff in Ron Hogan, Debbie Burke, Tom Brennan and Maria Luise, we are now on the precipice of achieving something special for our City. I tell our youth every chance I get that life is not about Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram but rather about hard work and the City Hall Redevelopment project is proof of that. 



Mayor, City of Malden