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NE Metro Tech High School Carpentry Sophomore Class Surprise Mayor

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Mayor Gary Christenson began this week with a surprise visit by Northeast Metro Tech High School students Gloria Lanzi, Danny Lancelotte, David Woodworth, Matthew Royal, Andrew Keyes, Shawn Rosario and David Defilippo. Unbeknownst to the Mayor, over the last few months the sophomore Carpentry students led by instructor Mr. Rob Jepson worked hard to design and construct a brand-new podium. The beautiful red oak podium features an intricately carved City seal and is easily disassembled for effortless transport to and from City events. The base and top are constructed with a combination of plywood veneer and oak hardwood with a mahogany base cap border and the whole podium was coated with three coats of varnish.

NE Metro Tech Superintendent David DiBarri was also in attendance for the presentation. “This is the best surprise I’ve had in a long time,” said Mayor Christenson. “I could not be more impressed with the students’ work. I am truly grateful that the City will have this beautiful podium for many years to come.”

The NE Metro Tech Carpentry Program is designed to instruct students in all types of housing construction and remodeling, including foundation, framing and exterior and interior finish work. Students participate in workshops and learn to use a variety of hand and contractor power tools along with industrial woodworking machinery. Students are trained on all the materials of the trade including blueprint reading and the layout and calculation of dimensions. The desired goal is to gain employment with a union shop or general contractor. For more information on Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational High School, please visit

NE Metro Tech students present the new podium to Mayor Christenson

Mayor Christenson is very impressed!

The students, Mr. Jepson and Mayor Christenson signed the underneath of the podium

Mayor Christenson with NE Metro Tech High School Carpentry Students and Teacher Mr. Rob Jepson (far left)

Released by the Office of Mayor Gary Christenson

Photos by City of Malden