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It's Not Easy Being Green

Mayor's Blog

Dear Residents,

I am extremely pleased to announce that the City of Malden has been designated a Green Community by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Department of Energy Resources. Through the tireless efforts of our State Delegation, City Councillor Craig Spadafora, who also serves as the Chair of the Energy Efficiency Commission, Public Facilities Director Eric Rubin, and the Energy Efficiency Commission, the City has met the Green Communities Designation and Grant Program's five criteria. Some of the criteria includes that the City have the proper research and development zoning in place for light manufacturing or renewable energies, have an energy baseline with a plan to reduce energy usage by 20%, a fuel efficiency vehicle policy, and that the City adopt the new Board of Building Regulations and Standards Stretch Code.
Meeting the criteria has Malden poised to reduce its energy costs, improve the local environment and implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects with funding through the Green Communities Designation and Grant program. Along with this designation, Malden has been awarded a grant in the amount of $332,540. The City will be required to submit a project application proposing how the funds will be spent. One proposal would be to convert the City's 3,400 streetlights to LED this summer.
This designation is an enormous accomplishment for our City as we are committed to a healthier, cleaner, more sustainable environment. I am grateful for the efforts of all who worked hard for this designation as this funding will enable us to deliver on important initiatives in our mission to reduce energy.
Mayor Gary Christenson