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Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground on Lebanon Street

Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground

Founded in 1851, this landmark is the second oldest Jewish cemetery in Massachusetts. Long known as the “Maplewood Cemetery,” it served as a burial site for poor Jewish immigrants. The vast majority of those buried were children who died of common childhood diseases. Of the 1,439 burials, only 181 were older than 20 years and most were 5 years old and under. For many years the grounds were neglected and those buried were forgotten with unmarked graves or damaged headstones. The Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts (JCAM) launched a restoration project and transformed this once abandoned site into a historical Jewish landmark. The restored grounds include a Children’s Memorial Garden complete with a memorial called “the Forgotten Children.” In September 2013, many gathered to rededicate the site that now provides a dignified and peaceful setting for those who rest there.



Lebanon Street