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Health and Safety

City departments work collaboratively to maintain the health and safety of our residents, businesses and visitors. 

The Board of Health promotes and protects the health, welfare and safety of residents and enforces the laws and regulations governing health, environment, housing, and sanitation.

The Police Department, through a variety of investigative, preventative, and community policing programs protects and serves residents, businesses and visitors. The Police Department is headed by a Chief and a Commissioner.

The Fire Department’s objective is to prevent fires from occurring and to prevent related hazardous conditions from endangering those they serve. They do this through community education initiatives and fire prevention code and regulation enforcement. There are three fire stations located in Malden: District 1 is located at 1 Sprague Street; District 3 is located at 332 Pleasant Street; and District 4 is a joint station with the City of Revere and is located at 5 Overlook Drive in Revere. The Fire Department is headed by a Chief and a Commissioner.

The Emergency Management Department’s objectives are to plan for and train to mitigate all hazards that could affect the lives of our residents, the education of our children, the furtherance of industry and commerce and the preservation of property.

Permits, Inspections and Planning Department allows the public access to multiple city services and functions to ensure a more efficient planning, permitting and inspection process for both residential and business development.These efficiencies work to keep our residents, businesses and visitors safer by enforcing the laws and regulations that keep the buildings where we live, work, learn and play safe and up to code.