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Happy Holidays

Dear Residents,

One of my favorite movies growing up was Star Wars and I can’t wait for the latest installment with The Force Awakens. It’s not the special effects per se but it’s about the story of good prevailing over evil which is akin to why I believe our community is special particularly around the holiday season. I can’t count the number of times that residents and volunteer organizations have rallied to help those less fortunate. Whether it’s on the issue of housing or food or youth organizations, Malden has been a leader in utilizing the holiday season to give back.

In the video below, you'll see that I was reminded by three former Malden Mayor's that it is the little things that count.  As we approach the New Year, please know how grateful I am to those who do what they can to improve our community and it gives me great hope that our city is on the right track heading into 2016. Have a safe and wonderful holiday season!

Mayor, City of Malden

Watch the video here