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Fiscal Year 2017 Adopted Budget

The Fiscal Year 2017 adopted budget can be found below. As you review the budget, please keep in mind the following:

  1. Fiscal Years 2015 and 2016 figures are shown in each table to provide what is known as a "three year look-back" which enables the user to compare the budget to the two previous fiscal years.
  2. For a quick overview of the Fiscal Year 2017 budget, click here.
  3. The viewing environment below is not suited for the printing of the budget. To download a Microsoft Excel version of the budget, click here.
  4. All figures are rounded to the nearest dollar.
  5. Questions about the Fiscal Year 2017 budget can be directed to Mayor Christenson at 781-397-7000, option 6 or or City Controller Chuck Ranaghan at 781-397-7080 or



To download the letter from the Mayor to the residents of Malden, click here.


To download the Executive Summary, click here.


Summary of Revenues by Source
DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 AdoptedIncrease / Decrease
Real and Personal Property Taxes75,971,90579,290,67282,018,8092,728,137
State Aid59,822,40860,938,47962,091,8001,153,321
Local Receipts12,719,12713,421,76214,091,270669,508
Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA)6,780,5276,780,5276,780,5270
Other Financing Sources5,785,0007,425,3368,315,815890,479

a - Real and Personal Property Taxes Detail

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Levy Limit72,655,51775,893,33979,042,740
Proposition 2 1/2 % Increase1,816,3881,897,3331,976,068
New Growth Estimate1,500,0001,500,0001,000,000
Levy Limit75,971,90579,290,67282,018,809
Prior Year Assessed Valuation4,969,883,0005,378,201,2545,831,500,580
New Growth Estimate83,330,00081,168,98270,315,924
Prior Year Estimated Valuation5,053,213,0005,459,370,2365,901,816,504
Levy Ceiling (capped at 2 1/2 %)126,330,325136,484,255147,545,413

b - State Aid Detail

Appropriation SourceFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Governor's Budget59,629,92061,251,67162,642,597
House Committee on Ways and Means Budget59,822,40860,938,47962,091,800
Senate Committee on Ways and Means Budget59,822,40860,938,47962,117,423

c - Local Receipts Detail

Receipt TypeFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Motor Vehicle Excise4,250,0004,550,0005,000,000
Meals Tax and Room Occupancy510,000520,000550,000
Penalties and Interest800,000800,000800,000
Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT)772,695522,630295,214
Licenses and Permits1,418,0001,578,0001,877,500
Fines and Forfeits945,0001,227,5001,263,724
Investment Income30,50030,50022,800
Medicaid Reimbursement1,100,0001,100,0001,100,000
Charges for Services (PAYT)1,300,0001,300,0001,250,000
Departmental Receipts and Fees597,000577,200529,500
Medicare Part D250,000250,000250,000
Total Local Receipts12,719,12713,421,76214,091,270

d - Other Financing Sources Detail

SourceFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Capital Stabilization1,250,0003,950,0004,855,519
Sale of Municipal Property045,3360
Water and Sewer Indirect Costs2,955,0003,100,0003,200,000
Special Revenue Funds130,00000
Cemetery Sales of Lots and Graves185,00050,00038,870
Technology Fund300,000280,0000
Repurposing Mitigation Funds00221,426
Total Other Financing Sources5,785,0007,425,3368,315,815


Summary of Expenses by Department
AccountFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
------------- General Fund Account Expenses -------------
Assessor's Department389,965410,097397,896
Board of Appeal13,51013,51013,510
Cemetery Department455,346466,763516,763
City Clerk's Office354,304401,319402,569
Conservation Commission5,6005,6005,600
Controller's Office959,668997,676985,417
Debt Service14,656,83316,009,22915,885,771
Emergency Management Department27,75027,75027,750
Engineering Department363,579308,908275,917
Fire Department9,412,6009,922,9939,968,466
Historical Commission4,0005,00011,000
Human Resources Department266,533282,145337,645
Information Technology Department535,378552,905594,618
Insurance Costs18,008,06018,579,75021,106,750
Legal Department536,717542,726500,726
Licensing Board10,30010,30010,300
Mayor's Office630,673681,725604,111
Pension Costs8,437,0838,958,2259,526,630
Permits, Inspections and Planning Services867,457969,333970,657
Pine Banks Park343,891371,787389,502
Planning Board28,08028,08028,080
Police Department10,578,54710,474,23010,321,358
Public Facilities Department2,330,6222,307,2842,234,054
Public Works Department6,133,9686,241,6356,499,598
Recreation Department159,515204,689204,689
School Department63,191,95566,190,19367,388,193
Senior Center310,828345,673345,673
State Assessments14,595,76114,766,42715,532,005
Teen Enrichment Center167,929173,955159,361
Traffic Department654,223666,403673,728
Treasurer's Department722,042758,306764,452
Unclassified Accounts2,888,1003,234,2073,774,365
Veterans' Services Department350,259356,213356,213
Workers' Compensation976,000851,000851,000
Total Expenses by Department161,078,964167,856,776173,298,221
------------- End of General Fund Account Expenses -------------
Water / Sewer Enterprise Fund26,218,95227,267,18227,851,547

Assessor's Department - $397,896

About the Assessor's Department

The Assessor’s Department is responsible for determining the value of real and personal property in the City of Malden for the purpose of taxation. Assessors are required to assess all property at its full and fair market value as of January 1st each year. To accomplish this, they gather the pertinent characteristics of each parcel of property and use the information to determine appropriate valuation schedules for various classes of property. The Assessor's Department is also responsible for the administration of property tax data records and the maintaining of parcel ownership data based upon recorded property transactions at the Registry of Deeds. Finally, they oversee billing for motor vehicle excise tax, statutory and local exemptions, and abatements.

James O'Brien, Director
200 Pleasant Street, Room 317
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7100
Fax: 781-397-7099

Account Summary

The adopted budget includes new Director Jim O'Brien and a minor restructuring at the suggestion of the City Council by adding a separate member to the Board of Assessors for a stipend of $5,000. This ensures compliance with state law. Also, a technical change was made by transferring the $15,000 in Geographical Information Systems funds from the Assessors Operating and Maintenance Costs to the Information Technology Department which is where the employee who manages this function is now included organizationally.

Administrative Salaries - $319,396

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
Donnelly, Robert (Retired in FY2015)Director / Assessor98,16700
VacantDirector / Assessor090,2430
O'Brien, James (Filled Donnelly vacancy)Director0088,042
French, KathleenAssistant Assessor68,13372,30372,303
O'Brien, JamesAssistant Assessor68,13372,3030
Macken, DianeAssistant Assessor0072,303
Settemio, JoanneClerk40,89143,39443,394
Comita, MelissaClerk36,14138,35438,354
Donnelly, RobertBoard of Assessors Member005,000

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $78,500

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Revaluation of Properties75,00075,00075,000
GIS Services (Moved from the Engineering Department in FY2015 inadvertently)015,0000
Dues and Memberships1,7501,7501,750
Operating Costs1,7501,7501,750

Board of Appeal - $13,510

About the Board of Appeal

The Board of Appeal (BOA) assists with the administration of the City's zoning ordinance. The BOA hears and determines appeals from the Building Inspector, variances for commercial and residential properties, and special permits in accordance with the zoning ordinance and Massachusetts General Laws (M.G.L.) c. 40A.

James O'Brien, Chairperson
200 Pleasant Street, Room 317
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7100
Fax: 781-397-7099

Account Summary

John Spinella resigned from the Board and Virginie Nogara filled his vacancy. Otherwise, the adopted budget is level-funded.

Stipends - $13,360

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Stipend
Willcox, SheilaClerk5,0005,0005,000
Brandano, ShannonLegal Member5,0005,0005,000
Croken, ClaireMember1,2001,2001,200
Spinella, John (Resigned in FY2016)Member1,2001,2000
Nogara, Virginie (Created by Spinella resignation)Member001,200
King, JohnAssociate Member480480480
Summers, DeanoAssociate Member480480480

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $150

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Operating Costs250150150

Cemetery Department - $516,763

About the Cemetery Department

The Cemetery Department is responsible for the day to day operation and maintenance of the Forest Dale Cemetery and is also charged with the maintenance of the Salem Street and Bell Rock cemeteries.

Board of Trustees:
James Tuxbury, Chairperson
Joseph Barris 
Daniel Grover
Vincent Miraglia
William Settemio

James Cahill, Superintendent
150 Forest Street
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7191
Fax: 781-388-0849

Account Summary

The initial proposal to shift the Cemetery Department's funding off-budget to the Perpetual Care Interest account could no longer occur due to the interest being transferred to the Perpetual Care Principal account during our most recent reconciliation. Massachusetts law does not allow for these funds to be used for sustaining annual budget costs. We also had to account for the portion of interest that was being utilized by the department before the funds were transferred to the principal account. That amount is prorated to cover expenses up until the interest can be used again which we estimate to be sometime in 2017.

Board of Trustees - $15,000

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Stipend
Tuxbury, JamesChairperson3,0003,0003,000
DiPietro, Paul (Resigned in FY2015)Trustee3,00000
Barris, Joseph (Filled vacant position created by Mr. DiPietro's resignation in FY2015)Trustee03,0003,000
Grover, DanielTrustee3,0003,0003,000
Miraglia, VincentTrustee3,0003,0003,000
Settemio, WilliamTrustee3,0003,0003,000

Administrative Salaries - $205,376

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
Cahill, JamesSuperintendent78,96683,79983,799
Stumpf, GarySupervisor62,22066,02966,029
Connolly, MichelleClerk52,34455,54855,548

Labor Salaries - $199,300

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Base SalaryFY2017 Clothing per ContractFY2017 Longevity per ContractFY2017 Substitute Longevity per ContractFY2017 Sick Bonus per ContractFY2017 Adopted Salary
Locke, JohnWorking Foreman56,83362,19952,31252508,3361,02662,199
Angelo, DavidSpecial Motor Equipment Operator (SMEO)49,02554,52650,50552502,52597154,526
Knox, JamesGardner/Motor Equipment Operator (GMEO)40,38842,94641,5465258750042,946
Czar, ThomasGardner/Motor Equipment Operator (GMEO)42,48339,62939,10452500039,629

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $97,087

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Operating Costs12,08712,08762,087

City Clerk's Office - $402,569

About the City Clerk's Office

As the official record keeper, the City Clerk’s Office files and maintains a series of records, including vital records (births, deaths and marriages), Business Certificates, Board of Appeal and Planning Board decisions, municipal ordinances and meeting minutes of all boards and commissions. As Clerk to the City Council, the office develops and distributes the Council agenda, keeps minutes of the meetings, provides notification of Council actions to affected parties and issues licenses on its behalf. As the Chief Election Officer, the City Clerk is responsible for all aspects of voter registration, absentee voting and election administration for all elections and serves as the Campaign Finance Officer for local elections. As licensing agent, the office issues a variety of licenses and permits such as marriage licenses, auctioneer permits and raffle and bazaar permits.

Karen Anderson, City Clerk
200 Pleasant Street, Room 323
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7116
Fax: 781-388-0610

Account Summary

The proposed budget for this department contains an overall decrease due to a reduction in Operating and Maintenance Costs. This is mainly a result of the Presidential Primary season being over. However, $25,000 was added to help with the transition when longtime City Clerk Karen Anderson retires which is expected mid-fiscal year.

Board of Registrars - $4,000

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Stipend
Alkins, Kevin (Resigned in FY2015)Chairperson1,00000
Breen, Richard (Appointed to fill vacancy created by Kevin Alkin's resignation)Chairperson01,0001,000
Anderson, KarenMember1,0001,0001,000
Benoit, JeanneMember1,0001,0001,000
Zamagni, AndrewMember1,0001,0001,000

Administrative Salaries - $307,569

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
Anderson, KarenCity Clerk95,772101,634101,634
Vacant (Funds to help with transition during City Clerk Anderson's retirement expected mid-fiscal year)City Clerk0025,000
Desiderio, Carol AnnAsst. Registrar of Voters54,99458,36058,360
Duncan, DonnaAsst. City Clerk54,99458,36058,360
Pereira-Kerger, Dorothy (Transferred to Permits, Inspections and Planning Services to fill a vacancy)Clerk40,89100
Burgess, Carol (Promoted to fill Pereira's vacancy)Clerk20,65443,39443,394
Hunte, Morgan (Transferred in from Teen Center to fill vacancy left by Burgess promotion)Clerk (Part-time)020,82120,821

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $91,000

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Poll Workers' Stipends36,50054,75040,000
Printing and Stationery18,00030,00020,000
Operating Costs7,5009,00010,000

Conservation Commission - $5,600

About the Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission is tasked with the promotion and development of natural resources and protection of watershed resources pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws (M.G.L.) c. 40, §8C. The Commission is also responsible for administering the Wetlands Protection Act, M.G.L.c. 131, §40, the Rivers Protection Act and preserving the interests of conservation land. Additionally, the Commission advises other municipal boards and officials on conservation and environmental issues.

Gary Stead, Clerk
Conservation Commission
200 Pleasant Street, Room 617
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7040
Fax: 781-397-7023

Account Summary

There were no changes from the proposed budget to the adopted budget. The account is level-funded and is based on the Commission meeting seven times during the fiscal year. Also, Victoria Parsons filled the vacancy created when Michelle Doherty resigned in FY2016.

Stipends - $5,600

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Stipend
Stead, GaryClerk3,5003,5003,500
Buckley, PaulMember350350350
DiMarco, RobertoMember350350350
Laskey, GeorgeMember350350350
Mazonson, KennyMember350350350
Doherty, Michelle (Resigned in FY2016)Member3503500
Parsons, Victoria (Filled Doherty's resignation)Member00350
Santangelo, PeterMember350350350

Controller's Office - $985,417

About the Controller's Office

The Controller's Office is responsible for managing the City’s finances. This includes the recording of all expenditures and assuring that departments operate within their annual appropriations. The Controller’s Office also audits departments and reports the City’s financial status on an annual basis. Finally, the Controller serves as the Purchasing Agent for the City.

Charles Ranaghan, Controller
200 Pleasant Street, Room 313
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7080
Fax: 781-397-7357

Account Summary

There was no change from the proposed budget to the adopted budget for this department. It remains level-funded with the exception of Property Insurance which is projected to slightly decrease in FY2017.

Administrative Salaries - $354,495

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
Ranaghan, CharlesController95,772101,634101,634
Hogan, RonStrategic Planning and Financial Analyst56,40483,79983,799
Biancucci, LindaSenior Account Supervisor60,70364,41864,418
Lawlor, DeborahClerk52,34455,54855,548
Donovan, EliseClerk46,26449,09649,096

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $630,922

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Property Insurance284,681284,681272,422
Telecommunication Costs325,000320,000320,000
Operating Costs38,50038,50038,500

Debt Service - $15,885,771

About Debt Service

These funds provide for the payment of principal and interest on loans that the City has borrowed to perform a variety of capital improvements and other purchases which are not budgeted in the annual appropriation.

Mark Good, Treasurer / Collector
200 Pleasant Street, Room 317
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7090
Fax: 781-397-1593

Account Summary

This account decreases just less than 1% which reflects some 5 year debt that matured and came off the debt schedule and reduced interest costs from aging debt. Both of these were somewhat offset by new debt incurred in support of the project to construct a new police station and city hall. The reduction also reflects no anticipated Bond Anticipation Note (BAN) interest for FY2017.

Debt and Interest Payments - $15,885,771

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
General Debt11,165,00012,620,00012,965,000
General Interest3,052,8913,142,6822,920,771
Bond Anticipation Note (BAN) Interest438,942246,5470

Click here to download a detailed debt and interest information document. 

Emergency Management Department - $27,750

About the Emergency Management Department

The Emergency Management Department plans and trains for hazards, emergencies and disasters that could affect the lives of our residents. The Department focuses on ensuring that the City is prepared to withstand, respond to and recover from all types of natural and man-made disasters and emergencies.

Kevin Sheridan, Director
200 Pleasant Street
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7000

Account Summary

There was no change from the proposed budget to the adopted budget. The department is level-funded.

Stipends - $22,500

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Stipend
Walsh, Tom (Retired in FY2015)Director5,00000
Sheridan, Kevin (Filled Cronin vacancy)Director05,0005,000
Cochran, RonClerk3,5003,5003,500
Cronin, Glenn (Resigned in FY2015)Member3,50000
Dolan, PeterMember3,5003,5003,500
Finn, Kevin (Filled Walsh vacancy)Member03,5003,500
Knox, RobertMember3,5003,5003,500
Webb, ChristopherMember3,5003,5003,500

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $5,250

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Operating Costs5,2505,2505,250

Engineering Department - $275,917

About the Engineering Department

The Engineering Department is responsible for the development, design and construction oversight of all City roadway and utility construction projects. The department provides technical assistance and project management functions to other City departments, private contractors, engineers, surveyors and the general public regarding municipal infrastructure, street layouts, property boundaries, drainage systems and traffic issues. The department also manages the City's water meter system.

John J. Russell, Director
200 Pleasant Street, Room 617
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7040
Fax: 781-397-7023

Account Summary

The adopted budget for this department is decreased mainly due to a technical change as the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Coordinator was transferred to the Information Technology Department. This move was to provide assistance due to a retirement that was not backfilled because of the City's ongoing budgetary concerns.

Administrative Salaries - $273,417

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
Russell, JohnDirector95,772101,634101,634
Stead, GaryAssistant Engineer69,83674,11174,111
Fama, Steven (Moved to IT Department to help fill gap left by recent retirement)GIS Coordinator68,13372,3030
Almasi, AlirezaJunior Civil Engineer54,99458,36058,360
Sullivan, Barbara (Retired in FY2015)Clerk52,34400
Bourque, Karen (Transferred from Water Utilities to fill Sullivan vacancy)Clerk0039,312

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $2,500

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
GIS Services (Moved to IT Department along with GIS Coordinator)20,00000
Operating Costs2,5002,5002,500

Fire Department - $9,968,466

About the Fire Department

The members of the Fire Department stand ready to quickly and efficiently combat fire wherever and whenever it may occur and to mitigate all other emergency incidents to which they respond. A main focus of the department is to prevent fires from occurring and to prevent related hazardous conditions from endangering the public. Public safety is advanced through community outreach, educational initiatives on fire prevention, fire code inspections, and code and regulation enforcement.

Kevin Finn, Acting Chief
1 Sprague Street
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7383
Fax: 781-397-7390

Account Summary

The adopted budget reflects all promotions resulting from Chief Jack Colangeli's recent retirement. The new budget also reduces the current force by one vacant position to 108 firefighters and the overtime account was both reduced in the original proposal and the adopted plan to help with the city's overall budget deficit. There was also a technical change in the Operating and Maintenance Costs with Building Maintenance and QED Reporting Software increasing $2,500 each and Mask Repairs decreased by the same amount. This was done to more accurately reflect the costs within these categories. Finally, Emery Haskell was appointed Commissioner to replace Tom Denehy who resigned in FY2016.

Fire Commissioner - $5,000

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Stipend
Denehy, Thomas E. (Resigned in FY2016)Commissioner5,00000
Haskell, Emery (Filled Denehy vacancy)Commissioner05,0005,000

Administrative Salaries - $234,860

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
Colangeli, John (Retired in FY2016)Chief137,500140,0000
Vacant (Due to Chief Colangeli retirement)Chief00140,000
Finn, ToniAdministrative Assistant52,34455,54855,548
Mini, StevenClerk37,04539,31239,312

Firefighter Salaries - $8,768,801

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Base SalaryFY2017 Holiday Pay per ContractFY2017 Sick Leave Buy Back per ContractFY2017 Adopted Salary
Walsh, Thomas P. (Retired in FY2015)Assistant Chief111,17500000
Finn, Kevin P. (Promoted from Deputy Chief in FY2015)Assistant Chief0112,868109,7636,3334,222120,317
Sullivan, WilliamDeputy Chief112,512119,661109,1646,2984,199119,660
Finn, Kevin P. (Promoted to Asst. Chief in FY2015)Deputy Chief105,53100000
Montgomery, Glynn (Promoted from Captain in FY2015)Deputy Chief0116,299106,6666,1544,103116,923
Bruce, Walter E. (Promoted from Captain in FY2016 due to Chief Colangeli retiring)Deputy Chief (Provisional)00105,5296,0884,059115,676
Dunn III, LeonardDeputy Chief104,950112,254102,4075,9083,939112,254
Angelo, Robert J. (Retired in FY2016)Deputy Chief110,519117,5450000
Cavalieri, Gregory (Promoted from Captain in FY2016)Deputy Chief00101,3445,8473,898111,089
Cargill, Philip J. (Retired in FY2015)Deputy Chief110,51900000
Almeida, Stephen (Promoted from Captain in FY2015)Deputy Chief0109,117100,1135,7763,851109,740
Hardy, Jr., Paul C.Captain100,657107,08097,6875,6363,757107,080
Casaletto, James E.Captain98,664104,96595,7575,5243,683104,965
Fitzgerald, RobertCaptain92,45998,38195,7575,5243,683104,965
Norton, David J.Captain98,664104,96595,7575,5243,683104,965
Cavalieri, Gregory (Promoted to Deputy Chief in FY2016)Captain92,819100,4960000
Halloran, Leonard (Promoted from Lieutenant in FY2016)Captain0094,7475,4663,644103,857
Brown, StephenCaptain92,45998,38189,7515,1783,45298,381
Almeida, Stephen (Promoted from Lieutenant in FY2014 and promoted to Deputy Chief in FY2015)Captain92,31100000
Froio, Stephen (Promoted from Lieutenant in FY2015)Captain097,24089,6365,1713,44898,255
Tribble, Roy E. (Retired in FY2016)Captain98,664104,9650000
Buchanan, Keith A. (Promoted from Lieutenant in FY2016)Captain0089,1735,1453,43097,747
Montgomery, Glynn (Promoted to Deputy Chief in FY2015)Captain98,66400000
O'Leary, Steven (Promoted from Lieutenant in FY2015)Captain096,03388,0645,0813,38796,531
Wedge, George F. (Retired in FY2016)Captain98,664104,9650000
Dockery, James (Promoted to Captain in FY2016)Captain0087,6095,0543,37096,033
Bruce, Walter E. (Promoted to Deputy Chief Provisionally in FY2016 on account of Chief Colangeli retirement)Captain98,664104,9650000
Edwards, Stephen (Promoted from Lieutenant in FY2016 to fill Bruce vacancy)Captain0087,1545,0283,35295,535
Thomann, Daniel J.Lieutenant89,01094,72186,4124,9853,32494,721
Dockery, James (Promoted to Captain in FY2016)Lieutenant76,67382,0760000
Smith, Richard B. (Promoted from Firefighter in FY2016)Lieutenant0085,5264,9343,28993,750
Halpin, KevinLieutenant87,01792,60684,4824,8743,24992,606
Loveridge, StevenLieutenant87,01792,60684,4824,8743,24992,606
O'Leary, Steven (Promoted to Captain in FY2015)Lieutenant80,68900000
McKinnon, John (Promoted from Firefighter in FY2015)Lieutenant091,63484,0394,8483,23292,120
Bondanza, MichaelLieutenant82,12987,41981,1434,6813,12188,945
Hall, JohnLieutenant83,56888,94581,1434,6813,12188,945
Mahoney, JamesLieutenant82,12988,94581,1434,6813,12188,945
Borges, RichardLieutenant82,12987,41979,7504,6013,06787,419
Endicott, PeterLieutenant81,23886,97479,7504,6013,06787,419
Roberts, ThomasLieutenant82,12987,41979,7504,6013,06787,419
Froio, Stephen J. (Promoted to Captain in FY2015)Lieutenant82,12900000
Cadigan, Sean (Promoted from Firefighter in FY2015)Lieutenant086,08179,3444,5783,05286,974
Halloran, Leonard (Promoted to Captain in FY2016)Lieutenant81,57586,8290000
Murphy, Galvin (Promoted from Firefighter in FY2016)Lieutenant0078,9374,5543,03686,527
Sasso, Michael J. (Retired in FY2016)Lieutenant81,57592,6060000
Shankle, Steven J. (Promoted from Firefighter in FY2016)Lieutenant0078,9374,5543,03686,527
Menard, RichardLieutenant80,25185,89278,3584,5213,01485,892
Buchanan, Keith A. (Promoted to Captain in FY2016)Lieutenant80,68985,8920000
Robblee, Timothy K. (Promoted from Firefighter in FY2016)Lieutenant0077,5604,4752,98385,017
Edwards, Stephen (Promoted to Captain to fill Bruce vacancy created through Chief Colangeli retirement)Lieutenant80,25185,8920000
Fitzpatrick, Sean M. (Promoted from Firefighter to fill Edwards vacancy created through Chief Colangeli retirement)Lieutenant0077,1604,4522,96884,579
Angelo, Thomas J.Firefighter72,27176,95774,7104,3102,87381,893
Smith, Richard B.Firefighter72,27176,9570000
Toomey, MichaelFirefighter72,27181,89374,7104,3102,87381,893
Allen, Jr., VernonFirefighter70,27879,77872,7804,1992,79979,778
Armstrong, MarkFirefighter74,92979,77872,7804,1992,79979,778
Craven, StephenFirefighter70,27879,77872,7804,1992,79979,778
Graffam, WilliamFirefighter70,27874,84172,7804,1992,79979,778
Lefave, Frank J.Firefighter74,92979,77872,7804,1992,79979,778
Varzakis, James G.Firefighter70,27879,77872,7804,1992,79979,778
White, Lawrence J.Firefighter70,27874,84172,7804,1992,79979,778
Wofsey, RussellFirefighter74,92979,77872,7804,1992,79979,778
Buckley, Michael J.Firefighter71,03475,64570,2064,0502,70076,957
Connolly, JamesFirefighter72,27176,95770,2064,0502,70076,957
Hegarty, RobertFirefighter72,27176,95770,2064,0502,70076,957
Macvicar, Stephen J.Firefighter71,03475,64570,2064,0502,70076,957
Nicholas, CraigFirefighter71,03476,95770,2064,0502,70076,957
Romvos, GeorgeFirefighter69,07676,95770,2064,0502,70076,957
Warner, John J.Firefighter71,03475,64570,2064,0502,70076,957
Beltran, Dennis E.Firefighter71,03475,64569,0093,9812,65475,645
Carroll (Leri), AdrienneFirefighter71,03475,64569,0093,9812,65475,645
Collins, Kathryn L.Firefighter71,03475,64569,0093,9812,65475,645
Hooper, Nicholas J.Firefighter71,03475,64569,0093,9812,65475,645
Jean, GregoryFirefighter69,79675,64569,0093,9812,65475,645
Karigianis, MichaelFirefighter71,03475,64569,0093,9812,65475,645
Luong, KienFirefighter70,65275,64569,0093,9812,65475,645
Mangan, CandiceFirefighter71,03475,64569,0093,9812,65475,645
Savage, EricFirefighter71,03475,64569,0093,9812,65475,645
Sheridan, Christopher P.Firefighter71,03475,64569,0093,9812,65475,645
Truesdale, EricFirefighter71,03475,64569,0093,9812,65475,645
Walsh, PaulFirefighter71,03475,64569,0093,9812,65475,645
Walsh, III, Thomas P.Firefighter69,07675,64569,0093,9812,65475,645
Small, Alan G. (Retired in FY2015)Firefighter74,92900000
Ball, David (Filled Small vacancy)Firefighter066,15168,6613,9612,64175,263
McBrine, William F.Firefighter69,07673,56768,2763,9392,62674,841
Raduazzo, FrankFirefighter71,03474,84168,2763,9392,62674,841
Deavilla, EricFirefighter69,79674,33267,8123,9122,60874,332
Fitzpatrick, SeanFirefighter69,79674,33267,8123,9122,60874,332
Lopresti, GaryFirefighter69,79674,33267,8123,9122,60874,332
McLean, PeterFirefighter69,79674,33267,8123,9122,60874,332
Nylin, EricFirefighter69,79674,33267,8123,9122,60874,332
O'Connor, John P.Firefighter69,79674,33267,8123,9122,60874,332
Pasciuto, MichaelFirefighter66,70271,05167,8123,9122,60874,332
Schwalb, MarcFirefighter66,70274,33267,8123,9122,60874,332
Sullivan, TonyFirefighter66,70274,33267,8123,9122,60874,332
Tirrell, BrettFirefighter69,79674,33267,8123,9122,60874,332
Fitzpatrick, Brian P.Firefighter69,07673,56767,1143,8722,58173,567
Granara, RobertFirefighter69,07673,56767,1143,8722,58173,567
Healey, FrancisFirefighter70,65273,56767,1143,8722,58173,567
Knox, Kevin T.Firefighter69,07673,56767,1143,8722,58173,567
Murphy, Galvin (Promoted to Lieutenant in FY2016)Firefighter71,03475,6450000
Cahill, Martin (Filled Murphy vacancy)Firefighter0066,4183,8322,55472,804
Angelo, MichaelFirefighter64,86972,29265,9513,8052,53772,292
Eisnor, JoshuaFirefighter64,86972,29265,9513,8052,53772,292
Fothergill, JarrodFirefighter67,87472,29265,9513,8052,53772,292
Guiel, KennethFirefighter67,87472,29265,9513,8052,53772,292
Kelsey, DonaldFirefighter67,87472,29265,9513,8052,53772,292
Nylin, DavidFirefighter66,70269,10665,9513,8052,53772,292
Perry, GeorgeFirefighter64,86969,10665,9513,8052,53772,292
Reardon, TimothyFirefighter67,87472,29265,9513,8052,53772,292
Valley, Jr., JamesFirefighter66,70272,29265,9513,8052,53772,292
McGonagle, James M. (Retired in FY2015)Firefighter76,92300000
Bianchi, Bradford (Filled McGonagle vacancy)Firefighter067,87465,6093,7852,52371,918
Cogavin, BrendanFirefighter64,84669,08364,8193,7402,49371,051
Scott, RyanFirefighter64,84669,08364,8193,7402,49371,051
Walklett, JosephFirefighter66,70271,05164,8193,7402,49371,051
Wishoski, StephenFirefighter64,84669,08364,8193,7402,49371,051
Angelo, RichardFirefighter64,86969,10663,0443,6372,42569,106
Beckwith, BrianFirefighter63,06667,19463,0443,6372,42569,106
Power, DerrickFirefighter63,06667,19463,0443,6372,42569,106
Ryan, RobertFirefighter63,06667,19463,0443,6372,42569,106
Martorana, NicholasFirefighter64,49969,08363,0233,6362,42469,083
Cadigan, Sean (Promoted to Lieutenant in FY2015)Firefighter71,03400000
Salerno, Andrew (Filled Cadigan vacancy)Firefighter066,15160,9833,5182,34666,847
McKinnon, John (Promoted to Lieutenant in FY2015)Firefighter70,27800000
Fitzpatrick, Patrick S. (Retired in FY2016)Firefighter74,92979,7780000
Chinal, Steven (Filled Fitzpatrick vacancy)Firefighter0060,6673,5002,33366,501
Robbllee, Timothy K. (Promoted to Lieutenant in FY2016)Firefighter69,79674,3320000
Gilardi, Michael (Filled Robbllee vacancy)Firefighter0060,6673,5002,33366,501
Parow, Brian D. (Retired in FY2016)Firefighter72,27176,9570000
O'Connor, David (Filled Parow vacancy)Firefighter0060,6673,5002,33366,501
Shankle, Steven J. (Promoted to Lieutenant in FY2016)Firefighter71,03475,6450000
Perry, Devon (Filled Shankle vacancy)Firefighter0060,6673,5002,33366,501
Smith, Richard B. (Promoted to Lieutenant in FY2016 and position not backfilled due to city's overall budget deficit)Firefighter72,27176,9570000
Fitzpatrick, Sean M. (Promoted to Lieutenant in FY2016 and position not backfilled due to city's overall budget deficit)Firefighter69,79674,3320000

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $959,805

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Extra Holiday Pay (Contractual)060,00060,000
Retiree Sick Leave Buy Back (Contractual)31,00031,00031,000
Turnout Gear (Contractual)54,20054,20054,200
Clothing Allowance (Contractual)33,00033,00033,000
Cleaning Allowance (Contractual)22,00022,00022,000
Arson / Hazmat Overtime5,0005,0005,000
QED Reporting Software7,5007,50010,000
Fleet Maintenance150,000150,000150,000
Office Equipment6,9852,9852,985
Building Maintenance6,0007,50010,000
Mask Repairs15,0007,5002,500
Medical Costs75,00075,00075,000
Fleet Gasoline and Diesel Fuel65,00065,00065,000
Office Supplies2,5002,5002,500
Honor Guard Supplies2,2002,2002,200
Radio and Communication Repairs11,50011,50011,500
Municipal Alarm System Maintenance50,00030,00030,000
Helmet Repairs5,0005,0005,000
Cleaning Supplies7,50010,00010,000
Medical Supplies5,5008,5008,500
Books and Records200500500
Equipment and Supplies16,50016,50016,500
Dues and Memberships4,7804,7804,780
Employee Assistance Program1,0001,0001,000

Historical Commission - $11,000

About the Historical Commission

The Historical Commission preserves and protects the City's historical character in order to maintain the significance of Malden's place in history. The Commission safeguards and enhances cultural and historical resources, including those which represent or reflect elements of the City's cultural, social, economic, political or architectural history. An additional goal is to provide educational outreach to the community.    

Members of the Commission:
Barbara Tolstrup, Chair
Joe Cesario, Clerk
Inna Babitskaya
Anthony Dickinson
John Tramondozzi

Account Summary

This adopted budget which is the same as the proposed budget is increased by $6,000 in order to secure a $20,000 state grant of which our share will be fully reimbursed. The Surveying and Planning grant will assist the Commission with their ongoing goal of identifying and researching properties for preservation purposes, including Maplewood Square, Corey Road, and Newman Road.

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $11,000

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Preservation Inventory1,0004,00010,000
Maplewood Square Survey2,00000
Operating Costs1,0001,0001,000

Human Resources Department - $337,645

About the Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department (HR) strives to provide excellent customer service to the employees and retirees of the City while working to attract and employ a workforce that is representative of the people the City serves. HR facilitates employee hiring processes, administers benefits, handles personnel matters and assists City Departments with all aspects of employee related issues. Additionally, HR maintains a wide range of personnel benefits and programs to help sustain and grow a high quality and healthy workforce that meets the needs of our community and its municipal services.

Anthony Chiccuarelli, Director
200 Pleasant Street, Room 222
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7187
Fax: 781-397-7358

Account Summary

The adopted budget for this department reflects the addition of new Director Anthony Chiccuarelli who replaced Eleanor Cushing when she retired in late 2015. It also includes the $51,000 we originally had set aside in the Legal Department for ongoing labor relation issues from an outside firm so that this function can be managed by our Human Resources Director. The service will include assisting us with all ongoing labor issues, contract negotiations, as well as other areas of employment matters including unemployment issues, personnel policies and procedures. 

Administrative Salaries - $270,645

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
Cushing, Eleanor (Retired in FY2016)Director93,43699,1560
Chiccuarelli, Anthony (Filled Cushing vacancy)Director0099,156
Morano, CrystalBenefits Representative56,36859,81959,819
Doherty, JamieWellness Coordinator46,26449,09649,096
Smith, MelissaHuman Resources Generalist46,26449,09649,096
Pinkham, StellaClerk (Part-time)12,70113,47813,478

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $67,000

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Professional Services2,5002,50056,000
Drug Testing4,0004,0004,000
Operating Costs3,0003,0005,000

Information Technology Department - $594,618

About the Information Technology Department

The Information Technology Department is tasked with the management and oversight of computerized information systems. The mission of the department is to provide and enhance technology platforms that support the City’s core functions and increase governmental efficiency for the community.

Anthony Rodrigues, Director
200 Pleasant Street, Room 131
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7154
Fax: 781-388-0613

Account Summary

The adopted budget mirrors the proposed budget for this department and contains the transfer of the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) position from the Engineering Department along with operating costs. This is to help assist the department after last year's retirement of Gail Trabucco.

Administrative Salaries - $286,490

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
Rodrigues, AnthonyDirector95,772101,634101,634
Fama, Steven (Moved from Engineering to help offset Trabucco retirement)GIS Coordinator0072,303
Whelan, JamieTech Specialist54,99458,36058,360
Graf, SusanTech Specialist51,06754,19354,193
Trabucco, Gail (Retired in FY2015)Tech Specialist48,60600
Vacant (Filled utilizing existing staff)Tech Specialist045,5900

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $308,128

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Professional Services12,00012,00012,000
Data Supplies10,00010,30010,300
Computer Licensing Fees145,250149,608149,608
GIS Services (Moved from Assessor's to help support function now located here)0015,000

Insurance Costs - $21,106,750

About Insurance Costs

These costs represent the amount required by the City to maintain insurance costs for employees, retirees and their families, in Health, Medicare, and Unemployment coverage.

Anthony Chiccuarelli, Director
200 Pleasant Street, Room 222
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7187
Fax: 781-397-7358

Account Summary

This account will increase 13.5 percent which reflects anticipated claims increases over FY2016 of about 8% and additional funds needed to cover the one time FY2015 to FY2016 positive claims experience that helped contain the FY2016 budget. While we continue to see positive results due in large part to our employee health and wellness program with Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, claims are up across the board in other municipal plans and this trend is expected to continue.

Insurance Payments - $21,106,750

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Health Insurance16,301,32718,573,00019,600,000
Health Insurance Trust Variance Offset0-1,500,0000
Insurance Opt-Out Savings-43,26700
Medicare Insurance1,150,0001,150,0001,150,000
Unemployment Insurance600,000356,750356,750

Legal Department - $500,726

About the Legal Department

The Legal Department defends and prosecutes all actions and suits commenced by or against the City, its agents, servants, officers and employees. The department provides legal services, representation and advice to City officials and employees in all claims and cases involving the City. It also assists the City Council with policy making and legislative advice as it develops and ordains policies and regulations.

Kathryn M. Fallon, City Solicitor
200 Pleasant Street, Room 613
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7106
Fax: 781-397-7105

Account Summary

The proposed budget for this department was originally level-funded but we have since decided to transfer our costs of $51,000 for ongoing labor issues and contract negotiations with an outside firm to the Human Resources Department (HR) to be managed by that department. This will assist HR with other areas of employment matters including unemployment issues, personnel policies and procedures.

Administrative Salaries - $230,126

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Base SalaryFY2017 Adopted StipendFY2017 Adopted Salary
Fallon, KathrynSolicitor80,94083,79985,894085,894
Gillis, DianeLaw Clerk57,49460,86058,3602,50060,860
Brennan, ThomasAssistant Solicitor39,28141,68641,686041,686
McNaught, JohnAssistant Solicitor39,28141,68641,686041,686

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $270,600

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Professional Services61,12150,00050,000
Court Judgments200,000200,000200,000
Municipal Hearing Officer10,00010,00010,000
Labor Negotiations (Fire, Police, Public Works, and Traffic Dept.)42,00042,0000
Operating Costs6,60010,60010,600

Legislature - $341,037

About the Legislature

The City Council is the legislative branch of city government and consists of eleven elected members, one elected from each of the eight wards (Ward Councillors) and three elected citywide (Councillors-At-Large). All terms of office are two years. The Council sets policy; adopts laws (ordinances), orders and resolutions; reviews and approves the City's annual budget; approves or confirms appropriations, appointments and other matters proposed by the Mayor; addresses the concerns of residents; and, performs many other legislative related tasks.

Lisa Cagno, Clerk of Committees
200 Pleasant Street, Room 609
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7130
Fax: 781-397-7004

Account Summary

The adopted budget which is the same as the proposed budget was decreased due to the resignation of a Compliance Officer. The position was not backfilled and his duties were assumed by the two remaining Compliance Officers.

Legislative Salaries - $298,002

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
Fermano, Sheila (Retired)Clerk of Committees60,27863,8140
Cagno, LisaClerk of Committees0058,360
Morse, DavidCompliance Officer (Part-time)17,43218,49923,571
Tuxbury, JamesCompliance Officer (Part-time)17,43218,49923,571
Willcox, John (Resigned and position not backfilled)Sign Control Inspector (Part-time)17,43218,4990
Anderson, NealCity Councillor - Ward 717,50017,50017,500
Ultrino, Steven (Did not run for reelection in 2015)City Councillor - Ward 217,50017,5000
Condon, Paul (Elected to fill Ultrino vacancy)City Councillor - Ward 20017,500
Crowe, PegCity Councillor - Ward 117,50017,50017,500
D'Arcangelo, DavidCity Councillor at Large17,50017,50017,500
DeMaria, DeborahCity Councillor at Large17,50017,50017,500
Kinnon, NeilCity Councillor - Ward 617,50017,50017,500
Matheson, JohnCity Councillor - Ward 317,50017,50017,500
Murphy, BarbaraCity Councillor - Ward 517,50017,50017,500
Nestor, James (Did not run for reelection in 2015)City Councillor - Ward 417,50017,5000
O'Malley, Ryan (Elected to fill Nestor vacancy)City Councillor - Ward 40017,500
Sica, JadeaneCity Councillor - Ward 817,50017,50017,500
Spadafora, CraigCity Councillor at Large17,50017,50017,500

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $43,035

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Ward Improvements27,50027,50027,500
Legislative Operating Costs5,8008,3005,800
Compliance Operating Costs9,7359,7359,735

Library - $1,292,817

About the Library

The Malden Public Library's mission is to provide open access to information and to promote the love of reading and lifelong learning. The library is a non-profit corporation that receives City support and is governed by a Board of Trustees.

Dora St. Martin, Director
36 Salem Street
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-324-0218
Fax: 781-324-4467

Account Summary

The adopted budget has changed since the proposed budget to reflect two employees who accepted the voluntary Personnel Reduction Incentive Program.

Administrative Salaries - $220,733

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
St. Martin, DoraDirector93,43699,15699,156
Guigli, CaronAssistant Director62,22066,02966,029
Weaver, JudithClerk52,34455,54855,548

Library Staff Salaries - $824,766

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Base SalaryFY2017 Clothing per ContractFY2017 Longevity per ContractFY2017 Sick Bonus per ContractFY2017 Adopted Salary
Vegelante, TinaSenior Librarian64,13667,53165,80201,55050067,852
Holder, StacyLibrary Professional56,85258,00956,73601,55050058,786
Kung, Wen CheihLibrary Professional57,35258,50956,73601,55050058,786
Nedell, StephenLibrary Professional57,35258,50956,73601,55050058,786
Slavkosky, JeanLibrary Professional57,35258,50956,73601,55050058,786
Smith, RebeccaLibrary Professional57,35258,50956,73601,55050058,786
Francis, Susan (Resigned in FY2015)Library Professional55,903000000
Brennan, Patrick (Promoted to fill Francis position)Library Professional054,25554,79001,55050056,840
Higgins, PaulSenior Custodian50,96551,99650,3173251,10050052,242
Cadiero, Charles (Retired in FY2015)Library Custodian48,987000000
Rennie, Michael (Created by Cadiero retirement)Library Custodian044,86146,284325050047,109
Glennon, MarjorieLibrary Para-Professional43,82644,72343,38401,55050045,434
Buckley, LauraLibrary Para-Professional43,37644,27343,38401,10050044,984
Woodruff, CarolLibrary Para-Professional43,87644,77343,38401,10050044,984
Lovett, Rachael (Resigned in FY2015)Library Para-Professional43,376000000
Browning, Jennifer (Filled Lovett vacancy)Library Para-Professional039,92141,53501,55050043,585
Bartlett, Catherine (Internal promotion to PIPS Department)Library Para-Professional43,77644,67300000
Hatzis, Monica (Filled Bartlett vacancy)Library Para-Professional0041,53501,10050043,135
Torres, Adelina (Internal transfer to part-time vacancy)Library Para-Professional43,27644,17300000
Mysona, Lily (Filled Torres vacancy)Library Para-Professional0041,53501,10050043,135
Brennan, Patrick (Promoted to Library Professional in FY2015)Library Para-Professional42,775000000
Diggs, Derek (Split vacancy into part-time)Library Para-Professional019,96020,76800020,768
Torres, Adelina (Split vacancy into part-time and transferred from full-time)Library Para-Professional019,96020,76800020,768
Pease, Kenneth (Voluntary Personnel Reduction Incentive Program and position not backfilled)Library Professional56,85258,00900000
Judkins, Susan (Voluntary Personnel Reduction Incentive Program and position not backfilled)Library Para-Professional43,27644,17300000

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $247,318

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Shift Differential (Contractual)5,8005,8005,800
Binding Services2,5002,5002,500
Office Supplies15,00015,00015,000
Printing and Stationery1,8002,0002,000
Books and Records65,34365,34365,343
Library Materials45,50050,50050,500
Network Membership Fee39,00036,00036,000
State Aid-59,450-59,450-59,450
Additional Funding - Board of Trustees-25,000-25,000-25,000

Licensing Board - $10,300

About the Licensing Board

In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws (M.G.L.) c. 138 and the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, the Licensing Board is responsible for issuing and governing licenses for the sale of alcoholic beverages both for consumption on premises and for package stores. The Board is also responsible for common victualers' licenses and licenses for live entertainment.

James Conway, Chairperson
200 Pleasant Street
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7138
Fax: 781-397-7348

Account Summary

There were no changes from the proposed budget to the adopted budget. The account remains level-funded.

Stipends - $9,300

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Stipend
Gillis, DianeClerk3,6003,6003,600
Conway, JamesChairperson2,1002,1002,100
Doherty, Arthur (Retired in FY2016)Member1,80000
Bucci, Judith (Filled Doherty vacancy)Member01,8001,800
Kinnon, LeeMember1,8001,8001,800

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $1,000

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Operating Costs1,0001,0001,000

Mayor's Office - $604,111

About the Mayor's Office

The Mayor and his staff assist City Departments, provide community outreach and focus on issues concerning all aspects of City government. The Office responds directly to residents requesting information or seeking to address concerns regarding municipal services. The City’s website is maintained from within the Mayor’s Office and the Mayor’s Youth Employment Program is also administered from this office.

Gary Christenson, Mayor
200 Pleasant Street, Room 629
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7000, option 6
Fax: 781-397-7073

Account Summary

The adopted budget contains reclassifications. First, Yan Yu's former full-time position was split into two part-time positions with no benefits. Our recommendation to move Kevin Duffy, Strategy and Business Development Officer to Permits, Inspections, and Planning Services to help with the significant increase in permit requests did not make it to the adopted budget. Additionally, Paul Hammersley, Online Services and Communications Specialist is moved off-budget to a reconfigured Cable Access Fund. There, Mr. Hammersley will work in collaboration with Malden Access Television due to the increasing amount of public meetings being taped and publicized for the community. In between the proposed and adopted versions of the budget, it was determined to further evaluate the initial recommendation to move Kevin Duffy, Strategy and Business Development Officer to Permits, Inspections, and Planning Services. Additionally, a portion of the Communications Director's salary was placed in reserve in the hopes that we can consolidate the various IT functions by January of 2017.

Administrative Salaries - $479,111

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
Christenson, GaryMayor105,000105,000105,000
Luise, MariaSpecial Assistant to the Mayor82,96488,04288,042
Duffy, KevinStrategy and Business Development Officer78,96683,79983,799
Manning-Hall, KathleenAdministrative Officer60,70364,41864,418
Hayes, KarenCommunity Outreach Coordinator52,34455,54855,548
Cochran, RonCommunications Director78,96683,79941,900
Hammersley, Paul (Transferred funding to Cable Access Fund)Online Services and Communications Specialist (Part-time)35,58737,7650
Yu, Yan (Resigned in FY2016)Constituent Services Representative36,14138,3540
Scibelli, Jeraldine (Filled Yu vacancy)Constituent Services Representative (Part-time)0020,748
Bautista, Kristine (Filled Yu vacancy)Constituent Services Representative (Part-time)0019,656

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $125,000

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Professional Services35,00035,00035,000
Operating Costs35,00035,00035,000
Youth Employment Program25,00050,00050,000
Fire Relief Fund5,0005,0005,000

Pension Costs - $9,526,630

About Pension Costs

Pension costs represent the annual costs incurred by the City to fund the employees pension plan. The City’s plan is a defined benefit plan which is governed by Massachusetts General Laws (M.G.L.) chapter 32 and is overseen by the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission. A defined benefit plan is one where the members contribute a certain percent of wages each payroll and the benefits upon retirement are pre-determined by law.

James Ryan, Director
200 Pleasant Street, Room 222
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7086
Fax: 781-397-7358

Account Summary

This account is fully funded as required by state pension laws.

Pension Costs - $9,526,630

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Non-Contributory Pensions104,91792,50774,917
Contributory Pensions8,332,1668,865,7189,451,713

Permits, Inspections and Planning Services - $970,657

About Permits, Inspections and Planning Services

Permits, Inspections, and Planning Services consists of ten subdivisions and two Boards. This department facilitates a streamlined approach and provides improved and efficient customer service through technological upgrades, a coordinated effort of all departments, and the cross training of staff. This "one stop" approach allows the public access to multiple city services and ensures a more efficient planning, permitting and inspection process for both residential and business development. The Board of Health also falls within this department and is a statutory board acting to enforce the laws and regulations governing health, environment, housing and sanitation.

Christopher Webb, Director
200 Pleasant Street, Room 223
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7030
Fax: 781-397-7193

Account Summary

It was determined to further evaluate the initial recommendation to move Kevin Duffy, Strategy and Business Development Officer to this department. As a result, the adopted budget no longer reflects the salary for that position. However, the amount of $7,776 was added to help bridge the gap during the time when a nursing grant ends and begins in Fiscal Year 2017.

Board of Health - $5,400

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Stipend
Horne, Jr., Dr. John R.Chairperson2,0002,0002,000
Danca, Joseph O.Member1,7001,7001,700
Singh, Dr. KunwarMember1,7001,7001,700

Administrative Salaries - $882,627

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Base SalaryFY2017 Adopted Gas Mileage / CarFY2017 Adopted Salary
Webb, ChristopherDirector93,43699,15699,156099,156
Romero, MichellePrincipal Planner69,83674,11174,111074,111
Tamagna, MariaPublic Health Nurse69,15373,32372,3031,02073,323
Crotty, MichaelInspector of Wires68,13372,30372,303072,303
Fitzpatrick, ScottActing Building Inspector68,13372,30372,303072,303
Gillis, RichardInspector of Plumbing68,13372,30372,303072,303
Vandewalle, Scott (Left position in FY2015)Local Building Inspector64,6200000
Powers, Craig (Filled Vandewalle vacancy in FY2015 and then transferred to Water Utilities to fill vacant Water Meter Reader position)Local Building Inspector066,029000
O'Callaghan, Joseph (Filled vacancy created by Powers internal transfer to Water Utilities Dept.)Local Building Inspector0066,029066,029
Mirley, James (Retired at end of FY2015)Code Enforcement63,7760000
Vlasuk, Laura (Filled Mirley vacancy)Code Inspector058,36058,360058,360
Powers, CraigHealth Inspector51,0670000
Lieu, Thomas (Promoted to Lead Health Inspector in FY2015)Health Inspector48,60654,19354,193054,193
Zhoa, Elsa (Filled Lieu vacancy when he was promoted to Lead Health Inspector in FY2015)Health Inspector051,58151,581051,581
Henry, Enos (Left position in FY2015)Clerk40,8910000
Brown, Sheila (Retired in FY2016)Clerk52,34455,548000
Pereira-Kerger, Dorothy (Transferred from City Clerk's Office to fill Henry vacancy and was later promoted to fill Brown vacancy)Clerk043,39449,096049,096
Bartlett, Catherine (Filled Pereira-Kerger's vacancy when she was promoted to fill Sheila Brown's position)Clerk0043,394043,394
Bucciero, Patricia (Added to assist with backlog of work)Clerk043,39443,394043,394
Kelly, FrankAssistant Inspector of Wires (Part-time)29,27530,97529,4751,50030,975
Tilley, Richard (Retired in FY2015 and was kept Part-Time)Health Inspector III / Weight & Measures (Part-time)23,00022,10622,106022,106

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $74,854

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Rodent Control5,6005,6005,600
Mosquito Control20,15420,15420,154
Operating Costs13,80020,00020,000
Professional Services6,0006,0006,000
Geese Control3,1003,1003,100
Vaccine Program010,00010,000

Pine Banks Park - $389,502

About Pine Banks Park

Pine Banks Park is a 107.5 acre public park located in both Malden and Melrose. The park was bequeathed to both cities by the first Mayor of Malden, Elisha S. Converse, in 1905 to be used by the cities jointly “forever as a public park.” Pine Banks is managed by a non-profit corporation comprised of a seven-member board of trustees representative of the two cities. 

(Vacant-TBA), Park Superintendent
1087 Main Street
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-324-0822

Account Summary

The increases above the statutory required amount in this account include the payback of the capital repairs for the various fields throughout the park. This year, the budget will help pay for the resurfacing of the field known as RF1 which is nearly 15 years old as well as a new dog park. The new artificial turf will benefit many groups including youth soccer, lacrosse, and Pop Warner. There is an increase in the budget for the maintenance of the fields that were recently rehabilitated and for the replacement of the former Superintendent who recently retired. All costs are split equally with the City of Melrose and the budget is subject to a vote by the Board of Trustees.  

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $389,502

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Statutory Share to Maintain Pine Banks Park343,891371,787389,502

Click here to download detailed budget information for Pine Banks.

Planning Board - $28,080

About the Planning Board

The Planning Board is the special permit granting authority for all residential, commercial and flood plain development in the City, except high-rise (6-12 story) residential development in the Central Business district. In addition to statutory responsibilities, the Board formulates policies which guide land use and development, administers the subdivision control law, and advises the City Council and Board of Appeal on zoning amendments and petitions.

Michelle Romero, Principal Planner
200 Pleasant Street, Room 223
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7000, ext. 2030
Fax: 781-397-7193

Account Summary

There were no changes from the proposed budget to the adopted budget. The account remains level-funded.

Stipends - $13,680

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Stipend
Ioven, CharlesChairperson1,6801,6801,680
Lawhorne, Patricia K.Vice-Chairperson1,2001,2001,200
Antonucci, KennethMember1,2001,2001,200
Chuha, DianeMember1,2001,2001,200
Chiu, PeterMember1,2001,2001,200
Ferratusco, Vance (Left position in FY2015)Member1,20000
Hayes, Patrick (Filled Ferratusco vacancy)Member01,2001,200
Cipriano, Michael (Left position in FY2015)Member1,20000
MacCuish, Eric (Filled Cipriano vacancy)Member01,2001,200
Mzaouakk, SimonMember1,2001,2001,200
Danca, Lorraine (Left position in FY2016)Member1,2001,2000
Wolff, Jessica (Filled Danca vacancy)Member001,200
Billings, Josh (Left position in FY2016)Associate Member1,2001,2000
Fitzgerald, Patrick (Filled Billings vacancy)Associate Member001,200
Hayes, Patrick (Elevated to fill Ferratusco vacancy)Associate Member1,20000
Henry, Eric (Filled vacancy created by Hayes moving up)Associate Member01,2001,200

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $14,400

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Operating Costs14,40014,40014,400

Police Department - $10,321,358

About the Police Department

The Police Department is a full service, community-oriented department that offers a variety of investigative, preventative, and community policing programs. The Department is committed to identifying public safety concerns and providing the most effective response to the City's law enforcement needs.

Kevin Molis, Chief
200 Pleasant Street
Malden, MA 02148
Phone: 781-388-0609
Fax: 781-388-0696

Account Summary

The adopted budget for this department contains staffing levels of 105 officers with 77 patrol officers, 27 superior officers and a Chief. The budget also absorbs a vacant police cadet position and a patrol officer's position who participated in the voluntary Personnel Reduction Incentive Program. The overtime account was reduced by $175K to help with the city's overall budget deficit. There was also a technical change in the Operating and Maintenance Costs with Prisoner Meals and Dues and Memberships increasing $2,500 each and Operating Costs decreased by the same amount. This was done to more accurately reflect the costs within these two categories. Finally, in between the proposed and adopted versions, a portion of the System Network Administrator's salary and corresponding IT expenses was placed in reserve in the hopes that we can consolidate the various IT functions by January of 2017. 

Police Commissioner - $5,000

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Stipend
Gennetti, Salvatore "Butch"Commissioner5,0005,0005,000

Administrative Salaries - $601,054

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
Molis, KevinChief138,750140,000140,000
Ippolito, TheresaAdministrative Assistant52,34455,54855,548
Alkins, KevinAnimal Control Officer48,60651,58151,581
McIntire, RobertCrime Analyst48,60651,58151,581
Urban, DavidSystems Network Administrator75,39679,70539,853
Schultz, PatriciaProsecutor's Clerk37,04539,31239,312
Smith, BeverlyBureau of Records Clerk37,04539,31239,312
Sullivan, MargaretDetail Clerk37,04539,31239,312
Dillon, ShawnCadet27,24328,91128,911
Finn, PeterCadet27,24328,91128,911
Todisco, Emily (Resigned in FY2016)Cadet27,24328,9110
Hattal, Illyas (Filled Todisco vacancy)Cadet0028,911
Dercolo, Michael (Resigned in FY2016)Cadet27,24328,9110
Keefe, Joe (Filled Dercolo vacancy and then resigned to enter Police Academy)Cadet000
Vacant (Created by Keefe resignation and position not being backfilled)Cadet000
Watkins, Kenneth (Resigned to enter Police Academy)Cadet27,24328,9110
Vacant (Created by Watkins resignation)Cadet0028,911
Yung, David (Resigned to enter Police Academy)Cadet27,24328,9110
Vacant (Created by Yung resignation)Cadet0028,911
Martins, Adalgise (Resigned in FY2016 and work performed by vendor)Custodial (Part-time)16,95221,9160

Police Officer Salaries - $8,046,003

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Base SalaryFY2017 Shift Differential per ContractFY2017 Education Incentive per ContractFY2017 Senior Longevity per ContractFY2017 Holiday Pay per ContractFY2017 Breathalyzer Stipend per ContractFY2017 Non-Education Longevity

FY2017 Fingerprinting
Stipend per Contract

FY2017 Adopted Salary
Amirault, JohnSenior Captain124,744132,08892,5391,85123,5989,4395,39150000133,318
Hopkins, Paul (Voluntary demotion)Captain112,630119,493000000000
Gatcomb, Marc (Filled vacancy)Captain0089,5391,79118,2668,7685,00850000123,872
Sheridan, KevinCaptain108,144114,73389,5391,79118,2668,7685,00850000123,872
Cronin, GlennCaptain112,630119,49389,5391,79122,83304,83050000119,493
MacDonald, MargaretLieutenant101,752107,95078,5433,92720,6188,2474,71050000116,545
Pontbriand, JosephLieutenant108,840115,47178,5433,92720,6188,2474,71050000116,545
Chalmers, David (Retired in FY2015)Lieutenant108,8400000000000
Crannell, Jon (Promoted from Sgt. to fill Chalmers vacancy in FY2015)Lieutenant0112,18678,5431,57120,0298,0114,57650000113,230
Bailey, PatriciaLieutenant101,752107,95078,5433,92720,61804,36150000107,950
Fortier, Ryan (Promoted to fill temporary vacancy held by Dietz in FY2014)Lieutenant101,507107,95078,5433,92720,61804,36150000107,950
Gatcomb, Marc (Planned to assume Cronin vacancy in FY2014 but Deputy Chief position was not filled in FY2015)Lieutenant94,925107,719000000000
Hopkins, PaulLieutenant0078,5433,92720,61804,36150000107,950
Tuxbury, Evan (Promoted to fill Ruelle vacancy in FY2013)Lieutenant97,702103,65278,5433,92716,49404,18750000103,652
Grimes, George (Retired in FY2015)Lieutenant108,8400000000000
Noble, Stephen (Promoted from Sgt. to fill Grimes vacancy in FY2015)Lieutenant0106,68778,5431,57116,02304,06750000100,704
Casella, JamesSergeant95,535101,35268,8983,44518,0867,2344,13250000102,295
Dietz, Robert (Promoted to temporarily fill Hopkins vacancy in FY2013 and then returned to Sergeant in FY2014)Sergeant99,042101,35268,8983,44518,0867,2344,13250000102,295
Franzese, DavidSergeant95,535101,35268,8983,44518,0867,2344,13250000102,295
Skiffington, PaulSergeant89,31894,75468,8983,44518,0867,2344,13250000102,295
Carroll, ScottSergeant82,53194,75468,8983,44518,08603,8265000094,754
Catana, DannySergeant89,31894,75468,8983,44518,08603,8265000094,754
Cox, NicholasSergeant89,31894,75468,8983,44518,08603,8265000094,754
Froio, Jason (Promoted from Patrol Officer to fill Goodwin vacancy in FY2014)Sergeant89,31894,75468,8983,44518,08603,8265000094,754
Giordano, MichaelSergeant89,31894,75468,8983,44518,08603,8265000094,754
Crannell, Jon (Promoted to fill Lt. vacancy in FY2015)Sergeant89,3180000000000
Luongo, Michael (Promoted from Patrol Officer to fill Crannell vacancy in FY2015)Sergeant091,18068,8983,44518,08603,8265000094,754
Mitchell, PeterSergeant86,78092,06168,8981,37817,56903,7175000092,061
Correale, RichardSergeant85,76590,98468,8983,44514,46903,6735000090,984
Connelly, Joseph (Promoted to temporarily fill Lt. position in FY2014)Sergeant83,62586,19368,8983,44505,7873,9675007,813090,410
Noble, Stephen (Promoted to fill Lt. vacancy in FY2015)Sergeant85,7650000000000
Kelley, John (Promoted from Patrol Officer to fill Noble vacancy in FY2015)Sergeant087,55268,8981,37814,05503,5685000088,399
Meroski, Theodore (Retired in FY2016)Sergeant92,82098,470000000000
Powell, Michael (Promoted from Patrol Officer)Sergeant0066,2851,32613,52203,4335000085,066
Fitzpatrick, EdwardPatrol Officer81,30581,30555,2022,76014,4915,0723,2800050081,305
McAdam, JunePatrol Officer75,51875,51855,2022,76014,4915,0723,28000080,805
Clemente, RobertPatrol Officer78,49678,99655,2021,10414,0774,9273,18600078,996
Donovan, RussellPatrol Officer72,99872,99855,2022,76011,5934,8693,1490050078,073
Bellavia, StephenPatrol Officer72,49872,49855,2022,76011,5934,8693,14900077,573
Ferrick, KevinPatrol Officer72,49877,57355,2022,76011,5934,8693,14900077,573
Rowe, WilliamPatrol Officer77,57377,57355,2022,76011,5934,8693,14900077,573
Siegel, AdamPatrol Officer59,33059,98455,2022,76014,49103,3440050076,297
Casaletto, MichaelPatrol Officer76,01876,01855,2022,76014,49103,06500076,018
Charpentier, AllisonPatrol Officer75,51875,51855,2022,76014,49103,0650050076,018
Drees, JeffreyPatrol Officer76,01876,01855,2022,76014,49103,0650050076,018
Law, KevinPatrol Officer75,51876,01855,2022,76014,49103,06500076,018
Reynolds, JohnPatrol Officer76,01876,01855,2022,76014,49103,0650050076,018
DiSalvatore, RobertPatrol Officer72,99872,99855,2021,10411,2614,7303,0590050075,856
Headley, TrentPatrol Officer75,51875,51855,2022,76014,49103,06500075,518
Lubinger, StevenPatrol Officer73,36173,36155,2022,76014,49103,06500075,518
Owens, JohnPatrol Officer72,99872,99855,2022,76014,49103,06500075,518
Maher, AdamPatrol Officer59,83060,48455,2022,76011,59303,2100050073,265
Manolian, PatrickPatrol Officer59,33059,98455,2022,76011,59303,2100050073,265
Barthelmes, RichardPatrol Officer72,49872,99855,2022,76011,59302,94300072,998
Bourque, DanielPatrol Officer60,48466,95655,2022,76011,59302,9430050072,998
Crowley, JamesPatrol Officer72,99872,99855,2022,76011,59302,9430050072,998
Fitzpatrick, StevenPatrol Officer72,99872,99855,2022,76011,59302,9430050072,998
Israelson, ErikPatrol Officer72,99872,99855,2022,76011,59302,9430050072,998
Mann, ScottPatrol Officer72,99872,99855,2022,76011,59302,9430050072,998
McKenna, KevinPatrol Officer72,49872,99855,2022,76011,59302,94300072,998
Choi, EdmundPatrol Officer72,49872,49855,2022,76011,59302,94300072,498
DeRoche, JohnPatrol Officer72,49872,49855,2022,76011,59302,94300072,498
Killion, KevinPatrol Officer72,49872,49855,2022,76011,59302,94300072,498
McLeod, PaulPatrol Officer72,49872,49855,2022,76011,59302,94300072,498
Walker, JosephPatrol Officer72,49872,49855,2022,76011,59302,94300072,498
Nusum, ReneePatrol Officer72,99873,59855,2021,10411,26102,859001,10071,526
Holland, MaureenPatrol Officer71,17971,17955,2022,76004,0572,86205,79650071,179
Mackay, GeorgePatrol Officer69,15969,15955,2022,76004,0572,86205,79650071,179
Co, KevinPatrol Officer72,99872,99855,2021,10411,26102,8590050070,926
Lanni, JohnPatrol Officer70,92670,92655,2021,10411,26102,8590050070,926
O'Brien, JamesPatrol Officer70,67970,67955,2022,76004,0572,86205,796070,679
Griffiths, ChristopherPatrol Officer66,95666,95655,2022,7605,79602,6970050066,956
Wilson, KeithPatrol Officer66,95666,95655,2022,7605,79602,6970050066,956
McGahey, LawrencePatrol Officer66,45666,45655,2022,7605,79602,69700066,456
Montoya, JesusPatrol Officer66,45666,45655,2022,7605,79602,69700066,456
Byrne, JohnPatrol Officer66,43466,43455,2022,760002,67505,796066,434
Carlin, CarolePatrol Officer66,43466,43455,2022,760002,67505,796066,434
Montina, MicheletPatrol Officer65,05865,05855,2021,1045,63102,6200050065,058
Mulcahy, StephenPatrol Officer59,98458,90555,2021,1045,63102,6200050065,058
Gennetti, III, SalvatorePatrol Officer63,23663,74655,2022,760002,67502,608063,746
Delaney, JohnPatrol Officer63,45663,45655,2022,760002,67502,31950063,456
Halloran, PhilipPatrol Officer62,95663,45655,2022,760002,67502,319063,456
Langston, MichaelPatrol Officer63,45663,45655,2022,760002,67502,31950063,456
Medeiros, JohnPatrol Officer63,45663,45655,2022,760002,67502,31950063,456
Ritchie, SeanPatrol Officer63,45663,45655,2022,760002,67502,31950063,456
Selfridge, RobertPatrol Officer63,45663,45655,2022,760002,67502,31950063,456
Polston, MichaelPatrol Officer63,24663,24655,2022,760002,67502,608063,246
Newnan, BrianPatrol Officer62,95662,95655,2022,760002,67502,319062,956
Wadland, RobertPatrol Officer62,95662,95655,2022,760002,67502,319062,956
Calhoun, TylerPatrol Officer62,37762,37755,2022,760002,67501,73950062,377
Bellavia, Stephen C.Patrol Officer59,33059,98455,2022,760002,6750050061,138
Cloherty, ConnorPatrol Officer59,98461,13855,2022,760002,6750050061,138
Connelly, DavidPatrol Officer59,33059,98455,2022,760002,6750050061,138
Doherty, RichardPatrol Officer59,33059,98455,2022,760002,6750050061,138
Hussey, SeanPatrol Officer59,33059,98455,2022,760002,6750050061,138
Lopez, GeorgePatrol Officer59,33059,98455,2022,760002,6750050061,138
Munyon, StephenPatrol Officer60,48461,13855,2022,760002,6750050061,138
Murphy, KaitlynPatrol Officer59,83060,48455,2022,760002,6750050061,138
Kruschewsky, GustavoPatrol Officer61,09461,09455,2021,104002,59901,68950061,094
McCusker, JamesPatrol Officer60,63860,63855,2022,760002,67500060,638
Redmond, JoshuaPatrol Officer59,33059,98455,2022,760002,67500060,638
Lamour, JeanPatrol Officer60,59460,59455,2021,104002,59901,689060,594
Gomez, Ever (Filled vacant position created by Carroll promotion to Sgt.)Patrol Officer058,67654,6072,730002,6460050060,483
Luongo, Michael (Promoted to Sgt. in FY2015)Patrol Officer76,0180000000000
Quinn, Matthew (Filled Luongo vacancy in FY2015)Patrol Officer058,67654,6072,730002,6460050060,483
McNeal, ElijahPatrol Officer58,77059,40555,2021,104002,5990050059,405
Tilley, BrianPatrol Officer59,40559,40555,2021,104002,5990050059,405
Vacant (Created by Antonangeli retirement in FY2014 and will be filled in FY2015)Patrol Officer57,3810000000000
Washington, Charles  (Filled vacant position created by Antonangeli reitrement in FY2015)Patrol Officer054,75254,0122,701002,61700059,330
Ray, Allan (Left position in FY2015)Patrol Officer70,6790000000000
DiCarlo, Cameron (In Academy to fill Ray vacancy)Patrol Officer054,75253,4162,671002,58900058,676
Powell, Michael (Promoted to Sergeant in FY2016)Patrol Officer66,95672,998000000000
Keefe, Joseph (Entering Academy to fill Powell vacancy)Patrol Officer0053,4162,671002,58900058,676
Leininger, Kevin (Retired in FY2015)Patrol Officer75,3560000000000
Watkins, Kenneth (In Academy to fill Leininger vacancy)Patrol Officer054,75253,4162,671002,58900058,676
Kelley, John (Promoted to Sgt. in FY2015)Patrol Officer71,5260000000000
Yung, David (In Academy to fill Kelley vacancy)Patrol Officer57,381053,4162,671002,58900058,676
O'Brien, Robert (Resigned in FY2016 to join State Police)Patrol Officer60,63860,638000000000
Hennessey, Gary (Voluntary Personnel Reduction Incentive Program and position not backfilled)Patrol Officer77,57378,073000000000

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $1,669,301

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
In Service Training (Contractual)231,800231,800231,800
Sick Leave Buy Back (Contractual)290,717291,732301,354
Detail Account100,000100,000100,000
Extra Holiday Pay (Contractual)53,20850,54750,547
Court Appearance Overtime (Contractual)140,000140,000140,000
Mileage and Meal Money (Contractual)4,5004,5004,500
Fire Investigator Training2,2002,2002,200
Wearing Apparel (Contractual; combined below for accounting purposes)46,48546,4850
Cleaning Apparel (Contractual; combined below for accounting purposes)34,69534,6950
Wearing and Cleaning Apparel (Contractual)0081,180
Maintenance and Repairs of Fleet53,00053,00053,000
Line of Duty Medical Expenses70,00070,00070,000
Equipment Maintenance and Purchases30,00030,00030,000
Radio and Communication Repairs61,62061,62061,620
Prisoner Meals2,5002,5005,000
Operating Costs35,00035,00030,000
Dues and Memberships4,5004,5007,000
I.T. Expenses40,00040,00020,000
Animal Control Operating Costs7,5007,5007,500
Police Vehicles0100,0000
Bulletproof Vests10,80010,80010,800
Cleaning Services (Transferred from Administrative Salaries when employee resigned)0022,800

Public Facilities Department - $2,234,054

About the Public Facilities Department

The Public Facilities Department maintains all city-owned buildings and works to provide safe and clean facilities and grounds for the community. The department is also tasked with moving the city toward becoming a qualified Green Community and eligible to receive grant funding to be more energy efficient.

Eric Rubin, Director
200 Pleasant Street, Room 419
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7070
Fax: 781-397-7362

Account Summary

The adopted budget remains the same from when the proposed budget was submitted. The department is level-funded except for an increase in the maintenance of school buildings to reflect the work needed to address the schools that are now nearly 20 years old. The Building Maintenance and the Gas and Light Costs are decreased due to City Hall coming offline this summer to make way for the redevelopment of the site.

Administrative Salaries - $211,642

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
Melanson, Stephen (Retired in FY2015)Director98,16700
Rubin, Eric (Appointed to fill vacancy caused by Melanson retirement)Director088,47390,243
LaPorte, JosephAssistant Director68,13372,30372,303
Norton, James (Left position in FY2015 and position not backfilled)Coordinator of Energy Initiatives62,22000
Willcox, SheilaClerk46,26449,09649,096
Esteves, Dorothy (Merged and moved to Labor Salaries to fill vacant Custodial Services position in FY2015)Mail Clerk37,04500

Labor Salaries - $449,619

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
Sullivan, MichaelMaintenance56,36859,81959,819
Lessard, RonaldMaintenance49,82152,87152,871
Moore, RichardMaintenance49,82152,87152,871
Figueroa, HenryMaintenance46,26449,09649,096
Lehane, LawrenceCustodial Services46,26449,09649,096
SanAngelo, PeterCustodial Services46,26449,09649,096
Esteves, Dorothy (Merged and moved from Administration to fill vacant Custodial Services position in FY2015)Custodial Services045,59045,590
Lombardi, Robert (Promotional transfer to School Department in FY2015 to supervise Custodial Services)Telecommunications54,93400
Tracey, Jr., Paul (Created by Lombardi promotional transfer in FY2015)Maintenance045,59045,590
Sarro, Edward (Left position in FY2015)Custodial Services46,26400
Turner, Kevin (Filled Sarro vacancy)Maintenance045,59045,590

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $1,572,793

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Repair and Maintenance of Vehicles8,6408,6408,640
Electrical Supplies50,00050,00050,000
Oak Grove Community Center Maintenance2,8352,8352,835
Elevator Maintenance25,00025,00025,000
Building Maintenance300,000300,000250,000
Maintenance of School Buildings400,000400,000475,000
School Landscaping Services025,00025,000
Gas and Light Costs650,000650,000550,000
Repair and Maintenance of HVAC Equipment55,76055,76055,760
Gasoline Costs10,55810,55810,558
Operating Costs80,00080,00080,000

Public Works Department - $6,499,598

About the Department of Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for a variety of City services including the collection, transportation and disposal of solid waste; snow and ice removal; plowing and sanding; street sweeping; upkeep and repairs to sidewalks and streets; maintenance of parks; citywide tree maintenance and planting; anti-graffiti efforts; pavement marking maintenance; signage and traffic signalization; and, storm water system maintenance and drainage repairs.

Robert Knox, Jr., Director
356 Commercial Street
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7160
Fax: 781-397-7372

Account Summary

The adopted budget contains staffing levels of 27 as was the case in FY2016. Also, the department's Operating and Maintenance Costs were increased to reflect the provisions of our solid waste contract with JRM, Inc. In addition, the increase in the concrete line reflects the amount needed to help address a backlog of sidewalk repairs. Finally, the adopted budget includes the increase of $40,000 contained within the amended budget due to an inadvertent error where we left out funds from two line items in the Operating and Maintenance Costs that were meant to be collapsed and forgot to add $11,000 needed for the scheduled maintenance of all our turf fields.

Public Works Commission - $16,000

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Stipend
Coleman, WilliamChairperson6,0005,0006,000
Barricelli, DiegoCommissioner2,5005,0005,000
Lotz, EricaCommissioner5,0006,0005,000

Administrative Salaries - $372,467

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
Knox, RobertDirector103,136109,449109,449
Expensed to Water and Sewer Enterprise FundDirector-34,379-36,483-36,483
Stead, Robert (Left service in FY2015)Traffic Supervisor63,77600
Harris, JeffParks Supervisor62,22066,02966,029
Vidic, JohnStreet and Sidewalks Supervisor62,22066,02966,029
Zanazzo, RonaldSolid Waste Inspector62,22066,02966,029
Sanderson, LaurieClerk53,65256,93656,936
Summers, JanellClerk37,04539,31244,478

Labor Salaries - $1,413,381

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Base SalaryFY2017 Clothing per ContractFY2017 Longevity per ContractFY2017 Substitute Longevity per ContractFY2017 Sick Bonus per ContractFY2017 Tool Allowance per ContractFY2017 Adopted Salary
Longo, NickWorking Foreman51,51258,82653,35252504,0011,026058,904
Lund, DougWorking Foreman51,51258,82653,35252504,0011,026058,904
Habeeb, GregoryWorking Foreman51,61255,15253,3525251,27500055,152
Hall, JohnWorking Foreman51,61255,02753,3525251,15000055,027
Hoskyns, JohnWorking Foreman51,51254,92753,3525251,05000054,927
Ippolito, PeterWorking Foreman51,51254,92753,3525251,05000054,927
Taylor, GeorgeWorking Foreman50,78753,87753,35252545000054,327
Grafton, Joseph (Retired in FY2015 and position not backfilled)Working Foreman50,78700000000
Loftus, William (Retired in FY2016)Lead Motor Equipment Repairman51,51254,9270000000
Downie, Colin (Promoted to fill Loftus vacancy)Lead Motor Equipment Repairman0053,352525001,02625055,153
Hoskyns, GeorgeLead Motor Equipment Repairman48,11154,32753,3525254500025054,577
Lam, FranklinMotor Equipment Repairman46,30148,28250,5025250097125052,248
Fox, JohnMaintenance Craftsman52,10656,94950,50252505,050971057,048
Marsden, RobertMaintenance Craftsman49,26155,97850,50252505,050971057,048
Knox, KennethMaintenance Craftsman48,83652,07750,5025251,15000052,177
Ruddock, StephenMaintenance Craftsman48,11052,07750,5025251,05000052,077
Skerry, KevinMaintenance Craftsman48,11051,47750,50252545000051,477
Vacant (Created when Robert Meyer left position in FY2014)Maintenance Craftsman48,11000000000
Zanazzo, Ronald M. (Promoted to Maintenance Craftsman in FY2015)Maintenance Craftsman048,28249,046525000049,571
Pellegrini, JohnSpecial Motor Equipment Operator (SMEO)48,11152,44950,50252501,263971053,261
Neville, MichaelSpecial Motor Equipment Operator (SMEO)45,40249,20049,04652500943050,514
Lyons, JustinSpecial Motor Equipment Operator (SMEO)45,53549,57148,880525000049,405
Torres, RafaelHeavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)47,31150,55548,8805251,15000050,555
Gooch, EricHeavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)44,12848,13649,04652500943050,514
Ragucci, SamuelHeavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)43,48748,28249,046525000049,571
Connaire, MichaelHeavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)44,12848,13648,880525000049,405
Salie, JonathanHeavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)43,77547,67447,61152500916049,052
Zanazzo, Ronald M. (Filled vacant position in FY2014 and then promoted to Maintenance Craftsman in FY2015)Heavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)43,05600000000
Stack, Charles (Filled Zanazzo vacancy in FY2015)Heavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)046,52946,259525000046,784
Lee, James (Promotional transfer to Water Utilities Department in FY2015)Heavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)44,12800000000
Hughes, Dennis (Robert Leon initially filled vacancy caused by Lee promotion and then transferred to Water Utilities)Heavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)046,52945,13652500868046,529
Downie, Colin (Promoted to fill Loftus vacancy)Heavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)44,71952,3380000000
Jones, Dominique (Result of Downie promotion)Heavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)0043,722525000044,247

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $4,697,750

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Cleaning Services (Contractual)3,0003,0003,000
Catch Basin Supplies28,00028,00028,000
Asphalt Repairs60,00060,00060,000
Equipment Parts90,000110,000110,000
Sidewalk Repairs (Concrete)70,00070,000125,000
Highway Department Operating Costs75,00075,00075,000
Snow Removal and Sand / Salt Contractual Services200,000200,000200,000
Electricity for Streetlights350,000350,000405,000
Streetlight Maintenance50,00075,00075,000
Solid Waste Removal100,000100,000100,000
Solid Waste Collection (Curbside)1,675,0001,675,0001,758,750
Solid Waste Disposal (Fees)900,000900,000900,000
Solid Waste Operating Costs180,000180,000180,000
School Landscaping Services25,00000
Parks Contractual Services14,00014,0000
Portable Toilets for Parks7,5007,5007,500
Parks Department Operating Costs60,00060,00085,000
Graffiti Removal Supplies7,5007,5007,500
Traffic Utilities75,00075,00075,000
Traffic Operating Costs45,00065,00075,000
Bike to the Sea Maintenance and Tree Plantings20,00020,00020,000
ROCA Work Crew41,00038,50038,500
Triangle, Inc. - Employability: Malden9,5009,50019,500

Recreation Department - $204,689

About the Recreation Department

The Recreation Department provides residents of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, year-round affordable and accessible sports and recreational programs. A wide variety of activities are offered that promote a more active and healthier lifestyle.

Joe Levine, Coordinator
c/o MacDonald Stadium
32 Pearl Street
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7168

Account Summary

This adopted budget like the proposed budget is level-funded.

Administrative Salaries - $139,383

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
Levine, JosephCoordinator62,22066,02966,029
Perez, LauraClerk15,48938,35438,354
Instructor StipendsSeasonal035,00035,000

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $65,306

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Sports Programs31,80631,80621,806
Operating Costs30,00013,50023,500
Macdonald Stadium Utility Costs20,00020,00020,000

School Department - $67,388,193

About the School Department

The Malden Public Schools consists of a network of schools working closely together to educate the City’s youth. Schools include Malden High School, (5) five K-8 schools (Beebe, Ferryway, Forestdale, Linden, Salemwood) and one Early Learning Center that are all committed to making education a rewarding and productive experience.

Dr. David J. DeRuosi, Superintendent
200 Pleasant Street, Room 109
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7204
Fax: 781-397-7267

Account Summary

The School Department’s budget increases $1.2 million or 2 percent. The additional funds represent the fully funding of incremental special education costs while the remainder of the budget is level-funded over FY16. The Department's FY17 budget may be viewed below.

School Department's Budget - $67,388,193

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Malden Public Schools63,191,95566,190,19367,388,193

* Click here to download detailed proposed school budget information. 

Senior Center - $345,673

About the Senior Center

The John and Christina Markey Senior Community Center serves the senior population through a number of programs, services and activities. Exercise programs are in place to increase flexibility and prevent injury, education programs to increase knowledge and understanding of personal health care and entertainment programs to increase socialization and decrease isolation. A wide variety of other programs are offered for the mind, body and spirit, helping seniors live longer, safer and healthier lives in their own community.

Silvia Banos, Director
7 Washington Street
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7144
Fax: 781-397-7147

Account Summary

This adopted budget mirrored the proposed budget with funds transferred from the yet-to-be-implemented Senior Work Off Program to the Senior Transportation Program. This was to ensure that this service was fully funded. The budget also moves $13,000 from Council on Aging to the Administrative Costs to fund a vacant driver position which transports seniors from various points around Malden to the Senior Center. It's a technical change and cost-neutral.

Administrative Salaries - $183,673

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
Banos, SilviaDirector62,22066,02966,029
Camarata, DeborahClerk52,34455,54855,548
Spinella, CherylClerk46,26449,09649,096
Law, Jason (Transfer from OM)Driver (Part-time)0013,000

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $162,000

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Council on Aging50,00050,00037,000
Senior Work Off Program25,00025,0000
Operating Costs75,00075,00075,000
Senior Transportation Program025,00050,000

State Assessments - $15,532,005

About State Assessments

State assessments are costs imposed upon the City by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and are paid from the State Aid that the city receives.

Charles Ranaghan, Controller
200 Pleasant Street, Room 313
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7080
Fax: 781-397-7357

Account Summary

To address last year's budget deficit, we took advantage of the change in state law that allowed cities and towns like ours to amortize 2015's snow and ice removal costs over a period of three years. Therefore, $581,039 is the figure that we will need to carry in 2017 and 2018 plus that year's snow storm costs. Thanks to a mild winter, we only incurred an additional 450K which was key to balancing the FY2017 budget.   

State Assessments and Other Charges - $15,532,005

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Assessments
Snow and Ice Deficit872,107633,3331,001,064
Air Pollution Districts14,92915,34515,729
Metropolitan Area Planning Council19,56429,93830,686
Registry of Motor Vehicles Non-Renewal Surcharge110,000110,000110,000
Boston Metropolitan Transit District577551551
Special Education32,38316,64216,882
School Choice Sending Tuition20,96639,66250,800
Charter School Sending Tuition8,726,5389,333,6559,680,357
Essex County Technical School Sending Tuition194,23700
Overlay for Abatements750,000700,000700,000

Teen Enrichment Center - $159,361

About the Teen Enrichment Center

The Malden Teen Enrichment Center (MTEC) offers high-quality programs that promote leadership and youth development through enrichment activities and opportunities to cultivate relationships with adults and peers. These programs enable Malden's teens to gain a sense of belonging while preparing for future employment, higher education, and adult life. MTEC affords teens a safe environment where they are given the opportunity to learn, thrive and engage in the community.

Cathy MacMullin, MTEC Coordinator
1 Salem Street
Malden, MA 02148
Phone: 781-397-7234

Account Summary

There were no changes from the proposed budget to the adopted budget. The account is decreased by nearly 8.5 percent due to a vacancy being deleted and the Operating and Maintenance Costs line item being zeroed out to help reduce the city's overall budget deficit. These costs will be addressed through grant opportunities and the fundraising efforts of the Board of Directors. The budget does, however, account for a 2.5 percent increase in rent.

Administrative Salaries - $102,627

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
MacMullin, CathyProgram Coordinator59,22262,84762,847
Louis-Jacques, Ted (Left service in FY2015)Youth Activities Leader36,14100
Khoshafa, Omar (Filled vacancy left by Mr. Louis-Jacques and is resigning in May 2016)Youth Activities Instructor (Part-time)018,6290
Burrell,Corey (Filled Khoshafa vacancy)Youth Activities Instructor (Part-time)0013,260
Vacant (Morgan Hunte filled vacancy left by Mr. Louis-Jacques and then accepted vacant part-time position in City Clerk's Office)Youth Activities Instructor (Part-time)018,6290
Spinale, Frank (Resigned in FY2016)Youth Activities Instructor (Part-time)13,56613,5000
Garnet, Ariel (Filled combination of Hunte and Spinale vacancies and is resigning in May 2016)Youth Activities Leader (Part-time)000
DeMaria, Andrew (Filled Garnet vacancy)Youth Activities Leader (Part-time)0013,260
Surpris, Jason (Filled combination of Hunte and Spinale vacancies)Youth Activities Leader (Part-time)0013,260

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $56,734

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Operating Costs5,0005,0000

Traffic Department - $673,728

About the Traffic Department

The Traffic Department enhances public safety through the enforcement of traffic laws. The department promotes the safe flow of vehicular traffic and addresses parking complaints throughout the City.

Kathy Hannan, Traffic Administrator
c/o Malden Police Department
200 Pleasant Street
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7190
Fax: 781-397-0296

Account Summary

The adopted budget mirrors the proposed budget for this department. It remains level-funded except for agreed upon collective bargaining increases.

Administrative Salaries - $55,096

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
Hannan, KathyClerk46,26449,09649,096
Russell, JohnExecutive Secretary to the Traffic Commission6,0006,0006,000

Meter Enforcement Salaries - $175,582

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
Flynn, JohnMeter Enforcement41,91344,47844,478
Delloiacono, CiriacoMeter Enforcement13,19813,87413,874
Smith, DarrylMeter Enforcement12,66313,18013,180
Hurley, TimothyMeter Enforcement9,99710,40510,405
Diaz, Yalrilez (Filled Magistro vacancy in FY2014 and resigned in FY2015)Meter Enforcement9,99700
Kelleher, Stephen (Filled Diaz vacancy in FY2015)Meter Enforcement010,40510,405
Lander, GeraldMeter Enforcement9,99710,40510,405
Cantone, John (Resigned in FY2015)Meter Enforcement9,99700
Libby, Laura (Filled Cantone vacancy in FY2015)Meter Enforcement010,40510,405
Lynch, ThomasMeter Enforcement9,99710,40510,405
Vacant (Winter Parking)Meter Enforcement9,99700
Mehuljic, Elmir (Filled Winter Parking vacancy in FY2015)Meter Enforcement010,40510,405
Truesdale, FredrickMeter Enforcement9,99710,40510,405
Young, RichardMeter Enforcement9,99710,40510,405
Daugherty, Kevin (Left position in FY2015)Meter Enforcement9,99700
Vacant (Created by Daugherty vacancy in FY2015 which was filled by Joseph Burke who later resigned as did Maggie Surette thereafter)Meter Enforcement010,40510,405
Philius, Frantz (Filled Kelleher vacancy in FY2014 and resigned in FY2015)Meter Enforcement9,99700
Lamontagne, Joshua (Filled Philius vacancy in FY2015)Meter Enforcement010,4050
Vacant (Created by Lamontagne vacancy in FY2016)Meter Enforcement0010,405
Vacant (Created by Merriman resignation in FY2013)Meter Enforcement9,99700

Traffic Supervisor Salaries - $423,050

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Base SalaryFY2017 Cleaning Allowance per ContractFY2017 Longevity per ContractFY2017
Shoe Allowance per Contract
FY2017 Adopted Salary
Marsinelli, MaryAlyceTraffic Supervisor7,9688,3528,111125250758,561
Petrillo, AlphonseTraffic Supervisor8,0188,4028,111125250758,561
Rindone, JosephTraffic Supervisor8,0188,4028,111125250758,561
Cahoon, RitaTraffic Supervisor7,8938,3528,111125200758,511
Covino, ElenaTraffic Supervisor7,9688,3528,111125200758,511
Cuscuna, ArmandoTraffic Supervisor7,9688,3528,111125200758,511
Marotta, BeverlyTraffic Supervisor7,8938,2778,111125200758,511
Gianatassio, JosephTraffic Supervisor7,9688,3528,111125200758,511
Hurley, MaureenTraffic Supervisor7,9688,3528,111125200758,511
Knox, GeorgeTraffic Supervisor7,9688,3528,111125200758,511
Saraiva, JosephTraffic Supervisor7,9688,3528,111125200758,511
Smith, MarieTraffic Supervisor7,9688,3528,111125200758,511
Bencic, RichardTraffic Supervisor7,8938,2778,111125125758,436
Butland, RonaldTraffic Supervisor7,8938,2778,111125125758,436
Deroche-Feeley, JanetTraffic Supervisor7,8938,2778,111125125758,436
Forbes, ClaytonTraffic Supervisor7,8938,2778,111125125758,436
Greco, RobertTraffic Supervisor7,7938,2778,111125125758,436
Guglielmi, RalphTraffic Supervisor7,7938,2778,111125125758,436
Hardy, BernardTraffic Supervisor7,7938,1528,111125125758,436
Lavargna, LawrenceTraffic Supervisor7,8938,2778,111125125758,436
Marshall, LoisTraffic Supervisor7,7938,2778,111125125758,436
McPhee, WilliamTraffic Supervisor7,8938,2778,111125125758,436
Olivier, EddyTraffic Supervisor7,7938,1528,111125125758,436
Parker, AmyTraffic Supervisor7,7938,2778,111125125758,436
Smith, PaulTraffic Supervisor7,8938,2778,111125125758,436
Walsh, DanielTraffic Supervisor7,7938,2778,111125125758,436
Walsh, JamesTraffic Supervisor7,8938,2778,111125125758,436
Dean, CatherineTraffic Supervisor7,7938,1528,111125125758,436
Dalmacija, Dragan (Resigned in FY2015)Traffic Supervisor7,893000000
Amirault, Richard (Filled Dalmacija vacancy in FY2015)Traffic Supervisor08,1528,1111250758,311
Flecca, William (Resigned in FY2016)Traffic Supervisor7,9688,35200000
Carbone, Anthony (Filled Flecca vacancy)Traffic Supervisor008,1111250758,311
Pasquale, Gennaro (Resigned in FY2015)Traffic Supervisor7,793000000
Chen, Rong (Filled Pasquale vacancy in FY2016)Traffic Supervisor07,9528,1111250758,311
Teal, Emerson (Resigned in FY2015)Traffic Supervisor7,793000000
Duperval, Eugene (Filled Teal vacancy in FY2015)Traffic Supervisor08,1528,1111250758,311
Dykeman, Robert (Filled Lauritzern vacancy in FY201)Traffic Supervisor7,7938,1528,1111250758,311
Vacant (Created by Evangelista vacancy in FY2014)Traffic Supervisor7,643000000
Gamby, David (Filled Evangelista vacancy in FY2015)Traffic Supervisor08,1528,1111250758,311
Gangemi, PeterTraffic Supervisor7,7938,1528,1111250758,311
Guarino, KatherineTraffic Supervisor7,6438,1528,1111250758,311
Nigro, Stephen (Resigned in FY2015)Traffic Supervisor7,793000000
Knox, James (Filled Nigro vacancy in FY2016)Traffic Supervisor07,9528,1111250758,311
Loiacono, GiovaniTraffic Supervisor7,7938,1528,1111250758,311
Habeeb, George (Resigned in FY2015)Traffic Supervisor7,968000000
Montecalvo, John (Filled Habeeb vacancy in FY2015)Traffic Supervisor7,6438,1528,1111250758,311
Russo, JohnTraffic Supervisor7,6438,1528,1111250758,311
Torres, Eunice (Filled Amirault vacancy and then promoted to permananetly fill Collins vacancy in FY2014)Traffic Supervisor7,7938,1528,1111250758,311
Truesdale, Lisa (Filled Moschetto vacancy in FY2014)Traffic Supervisor7,7938,1528,1111250758,311
Young, Roland (Filled Levy vacancy in FY2014)Traffic Supervisor7,7938,1528,1111250758,311
Orlando, Giovanni (Left position in FY2015)Traffic Supervisor7,968000000
MacAulay, William (Filled Orlando vacancy in FY2015)Traffic Supervisor07,9528,1111250758,311
Smith, Donald (Resigned in FY2016)Traffic Supervisor7,8938,35200000
Shrewsbury, June (Filled Smith vacancy)Traffic Supervisor008,1111250758,311
Trulli, Rudolph (Created by Torres promotion to permanent status in FY2014)Traffic Supervisor7,6437,9528,1111250758,311
Donoghue, James (Resigned in FY2016)Traffic Supervisor7,8938,35200000
Vacant (Created by Donoghue resignation)Traffic Supervisor (Spare)008,1110008,111
Murphy, John (Resigned in FY2016)Traffic Supervisor7,7938,27700000
Vacant (Created by Murphy resignation)Traffic Supervisor (Spare)008,1110008,111
Stanford, Francis (Resigned in FY2016)Traffic Supervisor7,9688,35200000
Vacant (Created by Stanford resignation)Traffic Supervisor (Spare)008,1110008,111
Thompson, William (Resigned in FY2016)Traffic Supervisor7,9688,35200000
Vacant (Created by Thompson resignation)Traffic Supervisor (Spare)008,1110008,111
Extra DaysN / A3,5003,7503,7500003,750

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $20,000

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Operating Costs20,00020,00020,000

Treasurer's Department - $764,452

About the Treasurer's Department

The Treasurer's Department manages three programs which are generally described as Treasury Management, Payroll and Collections. The Treasurer prepares and generates all real estate, excise tax and water-sewer bills as well as late notices for parking tickets. This department also collects all money mailed or wired to the City by Federal or State government agencies, various fees paid by individuals and corporations as well as permits and fines.

Mark Good, Treasurer / Collector
200 Pleasant Street, Room 317
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7090
Fax: 781-397-1593

Account Summary

There were no changes from the proposed budget to the adopted budget. The department is increased slightly to cover the Payroll Services software package.

Administrative Salaries - $496,952

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Base SalaryFY2017 Adopted StipendFY2017 Adopted Salary
Good, MarkTreasurer106,621112,780106,7806,000112,780
Jones, JacquelineAssistant Treasurer / Parking Clerk63,77667,67967,679067,679
Tran, AllisonPayroll Supervisor63,29667,67967,679067,679
Christie, ElizabethTreasurer's Clerk / Hearing Clerk50,02152,92350,3232,60052,923
DeVincentis, MarieFinancial Specialist44,03546,73046,730046,730
Fitzgerald, LillianFinancial Specialist44,03546,73046,730046,730
Drinkwater, ChristineTreasurer's Clerk / Hearing Clerk40,57142,89543,3942,60045,994
Sarno, JoanneClerk (Part-time)032,56532,565032,565
DiGiantomaso, JuneClerk (Part-time)22,49523,87223,872023,872

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $267,500

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Surety Bonds5,0005,0005,000
Professional Services26,00000
Payroll Services108,692111,953115,000
Operating Costs30,00030,00030,000
Tax Title Services7,5007,5007,500

Unclassified Accounts - $3,774,365

About Unclassified Accounts

These accounts are costs not directly related to any particular department. They include reserve accounts to fund negotiated salary increases and unanticipated operational costs.

Charles Ranaghan, Controller
200 Pleasant Street, Room 313
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7080
Fax: 781-397-7357

Account Summary

This account contains several line items from FY2016 that are not funded as the city continues to work to reduce its operating account expenses. However, we have no control over the Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational School Assessment which increased nearly 9 percent. The Salary Reserve figure had to include a 53rd week of salary in the new fiscal year along with monies due for prior unsettled collective bargaining agreements. Lastly, this category reflects the cost from the personnel reduction incentive program the city offered to its employees. This voluntary program ended on Friday, May 27th and we had three employees opt to participate. As a result, the costs have been updated to reflect the actual figure involved and the savings are reflected in the affected departments.

List of Accounts - $3,774,365

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Legal Claims Against City6,00010,00010,000
2016 Inauguration of City Government07,5000
Parade of Holiday Traditions010,0000
Fellsmere Pond Restoration20,00020,00020,000
Independence Day Events24,00024,00024,000
Trees and Plantings25,00025,0000
Salary Reserve for Reclassifications030,0000
Professional Services185,000165,000150,000
Essex County Technical Sending Tuition0200,000200,000
Personnel Reduction Incentive Program0030,000
Revenue Reserve362,178608,624387,491
Salary Reserve780,000750,0001,450,000
Northeast Regional Vocational School Assessment1,485,9221,384,0831,502,874

Veterans' Services Department - $356,213

About the Veterans' Services Department

The Veterans' Services Department offers assistance to any person who served in the Armed Forces and who may be entitled to receive benefits from either Local, State or Federal agencies. The department is a state mandated office that provides information and services to a veteran, veteran's spouse and/or their dependents.

Kevin Jarvis, Veterans' Services Officer
200 Pleasant Street, Room 527
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7139
Fax: 781-397-7348

Account Summary

Both the proposed and adopted budget contains the operating and maintenance costs from the previous fiscal year to ensure that our Veterans receive the services they need and deserve.

Administrative Salaries - $103,213

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
Jarvis, KevinVeterans' Services Officer56,96859,81959,819
Ferratusco, MarthaClerk40,89143,39443,394

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $253,000

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Hospital - Institutional Services13,00013,00013,000
Subsistence - Funerals10,00010,00010,000
Subsistence Care Services200,000200,000200,000
Veterans Day Services5,0005,0005,000
Memorial Day Services5,0005,0005,000
Operating Costs20,00020,00020,000

Workers' Compensation - $851,000

About Workers' Compensation

This account provides funds for the compensation of employees who are injured or disabled in connection with their employment.

Kathryn M. Fallon, City Solicitor
200 Pleasant Street, Room 613
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7106
Fax: 781-397-7105

Account Summary

The adopted budget is the same as the proposed budget which is level-funded from the previous fiscal year.

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $851,000

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Settlements / Judgments275,000125,000125,000
Meditrol Contract15,00051,00051,000
Professional Services36,00025,00025,000
Medical Expenses150,000150,000150,000

Water and Sewer Enterprise Fund - $27,851,547

About the Water and Sewer Enterprise Fund

The Water and Sewer Enterprise Fund is used to operate and maintain water and sewer infrastructure as well as to fund water and sewer related engineering and construction costs.

Robert Knox, Jr., Director
356 Commercial Street
Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7160
Fax: 781-397-7372

Account Summary

The adopted budget fully funds the increase in Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) water and sewer assessments and otherwise funds minimal incremental year over year increases in operating and personnel costs. In a technical move, we transferred Substitute Longevity and Sick Bonus from Operating and Maintenance Costs to Labor Salaries in an effort to more accurately reflect the actual costs of these items.

Administrative Salaries - $289,501

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted Salary
New PositionRoad Work Engineer092,49992,499
Expensed to Public Works Department - AdministrationN/A34,37936,48336,483
DeSantis, JohnSupervisor62,22066,02966,029
Sheridan, GinaFinancial Specialist44,03546,73046,730
Bourque, Karen (Internal transfer to Engineering Dept. to fill Sullivan vacancy)Clerk37,04539,3120
Winn, StacyFinancial Specialist (Part-time)25,15826,70728,038
Maltacea, Billie-Jo (Filled Bourque vacancy)Clerk (Part-time)0019,722

Labor Salaries - $584,407

NameJob TitleFY2015FY2016FY2017 Base SalaryFY2017 Clothing per ContractFY2017 Longevity per ContractFY2017 Substitute Longevity per ContractFY2017 Sick Bonus per ContractFY2017 Tool Allowance per ContractFY2017 Adopted Salary
Murray, Paul (Position ended in FY2015)Water Meter Supervisor63,77600000000
O'Callaghan, PaulWorking Foreman - Sewer50,78754,32753,35252545000054,327
Vacant (Created when Kevin Nolan's position ended in FY2014)Working Foreman - Water50,78700000000
Lee, James (Promotional transfer from Public Works in FY2015)Working Foreman - Water053,87753,352525000053,877
Callahan, Shavaun (Promotional transfer in FY2015)Working Foreman - Water Meter Technician046,54246,3015251,05000047,876
Simonetti, Michael (Filled new position in FY2015)Motor Equipment Repairman047,36747,75752500025048,532
Vacant (Created when Michael DiPietro's position ended in FY2015)Maintenance Craftsman48,11100000000
Cahill, Brendan (Filled DiPietro's vacancy in FY2015)Maintenance Craftsman047,36747,75752500901049,183
Wingerter, William (Retired in FY2015 and initially replaced position with SMEO which was later changed to Maintenance Craftsman)Working Foreman - Water51,51200000000
Vacant (Created when Wingerter retired)Special Motor Equipment Operator (SMEO)047,3670000000
Leon, Robert (Converted Wingerter's vacancy to Maintenance Craftsman and Leon was promoted to fill reclassified position)Maintenance Craftsman0046,84252500901048,268
McGonigal, Robert (Transferred from Public Works Department in FY2013 and retired in FY2015)Special Motor Equipment Operator (SMEO)48,83600000000
Belleveau, John (Created when McGonigal retired in FY2015)Special Motor Equipment Operator (SMEO)047,36747,75752500901049,183
Vacant (Created when Justin Lyons transferred to the Public Works Department in FY2014)Special Motor Equipment Operator (SMEO)43,05600000000
Gostoves, Christopher (Filled vacant position in FY2015)Special Motor Equipment Operator (SMEO)047,36747,757525000048,282
New position (Created in FY2015)Special Motor Equipment Operator (SMEO)43,05600000000
Vacant (Created when James Lee, Jr. transferred to the Public Works Department in FY2014)Heavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)41,73345,6610000000
Fredericks, Shawn (Filled vacancy)Heavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)0046,259525000046,784
Bennett, Paul (Retired in FY2016)Heavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)46,58649,8550000000
O'Brien, Adam (Filled Bennett vacancy)Heavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)0046,259525000046,784
Myrick, Donald (Retired in FY2015)Heavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)46,58600000000
Belleveau, John (Filled vacant position created by Donald Myrick's retirement in FY2015 and later promoted to SMEO)Heavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)043,3940000000
Hadley, Peter (Created by Belleveau promotion in FY2016)Heavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)0045,136525000045,661
New position (Created in FY2015)Heavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)41,73300000000
Leon, Robert (Initially filled by Brendan Cahill who was later promoted and then Leon was promoted to Maintenance Craftsman. Vacant position converted to part-time to assist on administrative tasks)Heavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)043,3940000000
Callahan, Shavaun (Promoted to the equivalent of Working Foreman in FY2015)Water Meter Reader40,53500000000
Powers, Craig (Filled Callahan vacancy created by her promotion in FY2015)Water Meter Reader038,96042,20352502,110812045,650

Operating and Maintenance Costs - $26,977,639

DescriptionFY2015FY2016FY2017 Adopted
Sick Bonus (Contractual)6,3526,3520
Substitute Longevity (Contractual)9,2159,2150
Equipment Parts30,00030,00030,000
Operating and Maintenance Costs100,000100,000100,000
Indirect Costs2,955,0003,100,0003,200,000
Water Assessment6,334,9816,941,8186,978,157
Sewer Assessment12,272,03912,566,84213,022,132
Asphalt Costs765,000765,000765,000
Printing and Stationery14,25014,25014,250
Postage Costs7,5007,5007,500
Professional Services90,00090,00090,000
Gas and Light Costs28,50028,50028,500
Debt - Principal1,818,9531,683,8441,781,560
Debt - Interest554,731590,756548,040
Water Meter Operating Costs0050,000
Other Operating Costs285,000285,000235,000