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Feeling Thankful

Mayor's Blog
Dear Residents,
Last week, I was proud to take part in the American Legion's Annual Veterans Day Parade and Memorial Services, a rededication at Bell Rock Memorial Park and many other events throughout the City in honor of our Veterans. I was reminded that while we may have spent the past year discussing and debating the presidential election, what we really need to remember is that we are able to do all of these things because of the freedom that our great nation affords us. From exercising our right to vote and the ability to speak our mind to attending our choice of schools and church, it is our Veterans who have protected, defended and preserved the ideals that shape our way of life.
Each routine, activity and accomplishment results from their dedication and sacrifice. Just recently, we cut the ribbon to Malden's new Police Station and in a few more months, we will be demolishing City Hall as part of a plan to revitalize the City's downtown. These opportunities serve as another reminder of just how grateful we should be. Although our staff, the elected officials, the builders and the developers have all played key roles in achieving the goal, none are more important than our Veterans who are the true architects of what is happening here in Malden.
This week as we celebrate Thanksgiving, we will pause to give thanks for all that we have. But, let us also give thanks to the men and women who fought for what we have and the precious freedoms we enjoy.  
Mayor Gary Christenson