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Ask the Mayor on the Podcast

Dear Malden Residents,

In an effort to continue to keep you informed about what’s happening around Malden, we have launched our first Podcast, “What’s the 311.” This new communication medium provides the latest and greatest in Malden all within an easy-to-consume and hopefully entertaining venue. Podcasting has become a fun way to relay information that has increased in popularity over the last few years. Several things are making it more available to listeners, including new cars with radios that have Podcasting apps built into them and the release of the newest Apple iOS with the app as a permanent fixture.                                    

While I have always enjoyed the spontaneity of Online Forums, a Podcast allows the opportunity to summarize a month’s worth of what’s happening in Malden while still offering residents the opportunity to ask questions. Additionally, I believe Podcasts will be advantageous for residents who have busy schedules because they can download and listen anytime. Whether you are in front of your computer at night, commuting, walking, listening to MATV in the background, or jogging on the treadmill with your earbuds in, you can get caught up with what is going on in our community in about 30 minutes! I hope you will tune in!

Click here to listen to the first two episodes. 



Mayor, City of Malden