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“Firefighters are fueled by fire but driven by courage”

Dear Residents,

This quote rang true on the morning of January 6th when the Malden Fire Department responded to what initially sounded like a typical mutual aid call from Saugus. Typical, meaning that we would cover their station while they fought the fire and provide additional equipment if needed. But upon arriving, Malden Fire quickly realized that this was a multiple-alarm fire that was going to require all hands on deck.

I am proud to say that Malden did not hesitate and the aftermath proved why as Lieutenant John Hall along with Firefighters Gregory Jean and Donald Kelsey saved the life of Saugus Firefighter Donald Blandini who was trapped in the blaze. What was even more impressive is that when I went down to District 1 to thank these three heroes, Firefighter Jean was on his way to pick up his kids and Lieutenant Hall was already out doing various errands. They went about their day not thinking it was a big deal and feeling that they were just doing their jobs.

Well, to me and the entire City of Malden, we know it was more. We are grateful to them and all the members of the Malden Fire Department who work to protect and save lives not only in Malden but wherever they are called to duty.

In closing, I quote the words of Author Joseph Campbell: “A Hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” That speaks not only to the dedication of our firefighters but also to that of their families who support the commitment they have made to our City. Again, thank you and congratulations on a job well done!



Mayor, City of Malden