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Human Rights and Fair Housing Commission

Susan Thompson
Karen Lynch
Steve Finn
Paul Weston
Vice Chair
Candace Julyan
Bwann K. Gwann
Baya Yaiche
Maria Luise
ADA Commissioner

The mission of the Malden Human Rights and Fair Housing Commission (MHRFHC) is to protect the civil rights of renters, owners and landlords in promoting and protecting fair housing, moreover, the Commission advocates for diversity and inclusion to ensure that all persons in Malden are treated fairly and equally under the law regardless of religious creed, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, ancestry, disability, national origin, Veteran or military status, marital, familial or parental status, and any other protected category of persons. In doing so the Commission will work with community groups and agencies to promote understanding and work toward eliminating prejudice and intolerance, and to mediate within the community whenever needed.

You can contact the Human Rights Commission by emailing

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